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Would be great, as this sensor could be really useful.
Slightly off thread, but I haven’t been able to see that much in Tasmota. How did you implement the integration?

I just compiled a bin using tasmocompiler and adding the instruction to use the LD2410

Very simple

Ok, I’ve seen some references to that, but I need to do some more homework there! I have one in the drawer, awaiting for it to be included in the all-sensors-bin (!). As all the sensors I’ve bought have worked so well with the Tasmota Edge driver, for the price, and the feedback it has, it seemed obviously worth trying.

I can send my bin if you want

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That would be great. Much appreciated Vincenzo!

Are there any plans to allow sensors, such as DHT only devices, to be added without a switch? I see only two options today for a device with only a single sensor using AM2301. Neither of the solutions are ideal.

  1. Add a TH Switch and then just ignore the switch, but you can still use the sensor values for automation rules
  2. Check the box to discover sensors, which will add a device that is only the temperature sensor, but you still have a switch that isn’t useful.

Can you add a device like when the temperature sensor is discovered, but just the sensor device without adding a dummy switch? I understand you might need a parent device for the settings, but being a switch means it shows up in Alexa and Google Home as well. Some sort of custom sensor detection device maybe?

That worked!

Thank you

Does it work if you send the code directly on the RF bridge?

Does it work if you connect just one of the sensors (CO2 or eCO2) ?

It reads a single Distance, e.g. {“Distance”:216}. It doesn’t support {“Distance”,[216,222,199]}. Are you able to split them into “LD2410-1”:{“Distance”:216}, “LD2410-2”:{“Distance”:222},“LD2410-3”:{“Distance”:199}…

The SCD40 provide these data togheter, I can’t choose to use only one of them

I don’t have the skills to do that, but could be possible to split them in tasmota firmware?


@hongtat I got the IR bridge working, trying to get the IR Virtual Air Conditioner to work but running into issues.

I have a Carrier AC unit – the selection Carrier_AC64 does not work. However, strangely enough the selection following on the list Coolix does work!?? Is there possibly some index that’s off by 1 in your code?

Also I don’t understand why there is only one Carrier selection in your software. It seems that there are multiple codes in the CrankyOldGit library that is being used.

The Tasmota IR Bridge code I am using is 12.5.0 on ESP8266

Hi @hongtat

Works great the Dust Sensor, but in Tasmota with Vindriktning it’s possible to have 3 readings, PM1, PM2.5 and PM10,
Any chance of seeing them all?

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What is the vendor in the IR bridge console when you use the Virtual AC ? Every actions will be shown in the IR bridge console.

Carrier_AC64 is from the list of supported vendors.

irhvac: {"vendor":"x"}

Its working fine now thanks

This when using the Virtual AC to decrease and increase the thermostat temperature

This is the list of vendors:

01:46:50.106 CMD: irhvac: {“vendor”:“x”}

Trouble is when Carrier_AC64 is selected, Virtual AC IR commands are not recognized by the Carrier unit. However, when I tried the very next vendor in the list COOLIX then all commands are recognized (although some don’t quite work properly, like the swing commands and the temperature units on the Carrier is always shown in C not F as selected in the app)

How can I select the Model. Per the documentation

It shows that Carrier has other models AC84 and AC128

Did you try sending IRHVAC command directly on the IR bridge? Did it work? If so, can I have the IRHVAC command that works with the Carrier AC?

I don’t see CARRIER_AC84 in the “A/C Model” field, is it possible to use it?

@hongtat are there any thoughts or work in progress to improve the experience for adding devices with custom sensors that ONLY have sensors and not a switch? If I missed some way to do this please let me know. Thanks!

EDIT: Oops it didn’t link back to my original post for context. Here is the link: [ST Edge] •• Tasmota Edge •• for Sonoff, Tuya & many other ESP WiFi & HTTP devices - over 2000 Tasmota supported devices - #564 by zeroepoch

Is there an easy way to change the assigned ip’s on devices that are already created?

Network setup has changed, gone from 192.168.0.XXX to 192.168.1.XXX

It’s a little tricky, as the parent has to be a dynamic, to match the main device. I’ll take a look…

I’m afraid not.

It’s already super easy, I just couldn’t work out where to look. Specific device, settings. LOL

@hongtat I created a HTTP Switch via Tasmota Edge.

However, after renaming the switch in the Smartthings App the switch is still called HTTP Switch in the Tasmota Edge Device Web Gateway.

How can I rename the HTTP Switch in the Tasmota Edge Device Web Gateway?