[ST Edge] Sony Bravia TVs

for the last two days my Sony has stopped working. I tried deleting the object and driver from the hub. I reinstalled the driver, but when I search for the new device nothing appears. Can someone help me?

Mine wasn’t working the other night either. Seems to be OK again now. I have always found it a bit finicky.

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i’m in the same situation… did you guys find somethings?

My Sony TV is operating normally in ST with this driver.

I haven’t had any problems.

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Mine ceased functioning last week, still has not bounced back. App says the TV is offline

EDIT: it is finally back in operation.

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I had this working with my Sony TV.
Power button stopped working.
Removed TV from ST.
Re-installed driver.
Scan does not find TV.

It’s been VERY wonky since the last two hub updates.