Need help with after groovy options

Is anyone aware of Edge Drivers for the following:

  • RainMachine (old DH: brbeaird : RainMachine)
  • 2015 Sony Android TVs [2016+ work with app] (old DH: [steveAbratt : Sony Bravia TV)
  • Linear GD00Z Garage Door Opener (old DH: gouldner : RG Linear GD00Z Garage Door Opener - V2)
  • Tank Utility Propane Monitor (old DH: joshs85 : Tank Utility)
  • Hunter Douglas Duette Shades (old DH: johnvey : Hunter Douglas PowerView Shade)


see if it is available with the stock Edge Drivers.

go to zwave-garage-door-opener and tap on fingerprints to see if it is supported.

then subscribe to the SmartThings Edge Driver Beta if you haven’t already and select the Driver

ask in the following thread if they can support yours:

another thread if you want to ask for help:

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There is a stock Edge driver. My 2 openers auto-converted to the native Z-wave Garage Door Opener Edge Driver.


I’m hoping mine converts without an issue. So far I’ve only had one ZigBee switch auto convert.

Most of my Zigbee devices have already migrated. It’s all my zwave in-wall dimmer switches that I’m still waiting on…I sure hope they auto migrate.

Bought and paired a GD00Z-8 today, and was surprised to find that it paired via S2 with the old stock DTH. Don’t have any custom DTH and never paired one before. Guess I’ll just wait for them to convert it to the edge driver for me. :sweat_smile: :man_shrugging:t3:

Did you have the beta Edge Zwave Garage Door Opener driver installed? It matches the direct fingerprint of the GD00Z-4, but should match other GD00Z models by cluster fingerprint.

He shouldn’t need to install the beta driver. The production one has both the linear and generic fingerprints uncommented and live. But I’m not sure the generic fingerprints are working at this point.

My Linear GD00Z’s auto converted and have been “Mostly” Okay since. Since I can’t deal with the random notifications that a door is opening when it actually is not, and usually in the middle of the night. I’m swapping mine out with this ZOOZ ZEN17 UNIVERSAL RELAY – ZOOZ

I posted a while back about the “ghost” opening and it seems others experience it as well. Not able to determine if it is a driver issue or communication issue with the tilt sensor.

Just an option for ya!