[ST Edge] LG WebOS TV

LGTV Edge driver.

Support device: LG WebOS TV
Requirement: local network.
Find a device when Tv is on.

Custom capability

  1. Media Input Source
  2. Message


Looks really good but I can’t get TV paired.

I installed the driver, switched on the TV (internet connection available) and search for new devices nearby but no luck.

What am I missing?

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I have installed this on one of my LG TV’s and will see what I can do with it when I have a little more time, as my piHole may be causing some problems. Is it completely LAN based, or does it need WAN access?

I will give this a try today when i get home. I have an LG TV

Interesting, with LG not being native. How are you to link the tv to SmartThings?

Is possible to add also capatibility to run custom Lg apps like my IPTV provider?
If there’s no better solution i would be happy to send command for “quick lunch 1”, …

@dusanhauko , how did you get it paired?

Power up tv.
Do the scan nearby. Thats it.

Do you know why the channel buttons do not appear for me? a cloud appears

This doesn’t appear to work with the LG Signage SM5KD running LG WebOS

I got finally paired. It’s quite impressive.

Could you please add Amazon Prime Video as media source?

Thanks a lot!

What version of WEB OS TVs do they need to work? Minimum version of WEB OS LG ?

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I am using a 65inch LG C1 OLED with latest WebOS 6.2.0.

In my case I couldn’t pair it, because I had to enable “TV On With Mobile” option. As soon as I enabled this option, boom, the TV popped up instantly on the Search Nearby page :slight_smile:


Getting a “Request failed with status code 400” error when I try to install?

Nevermind, read up and looks like I’ll need to have SmartThings Edge enabled on my hub.