[ST Edge] Sony Bravia TVs

Thanks a lot!

Will give it a try when I return home in a week or so.

One more question, for me personally I don’t need to have a control of my Sony TV within ST. The only thing that actually matters to me is to get the fedback from the TV if it’s on or off.

Then I could use this in a routine to turn on/off my led strips behind the TV and bellow the TV shelf.

Can you get this? :slight_smile:

Yes. There might be a slight delay, but on/off updates pretty quickly on mine.

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Great! Can’t wait to test this … will let you know how it goes

I have installed this driver and for the most part it works great, however i just get a cloud icon for the volume and input selector as below.

It would also be great to have buttons for up, down, left, right and enter in the app to help with navigation if possible.

The broken cloud means either that no value has been received for that item or that it’s a value the app doesn’t like (there have been some changes to what the app does/doesn’t like since I wrote this driver).

  • For volume, try changing the volume with your remote control or swiping down on the device in the app to trigger a refresh.
  • Input source will show as a broken cloud unless you’re set to one of the inputs like HDMI1. This is on my list to address, but I have many higher priorities with the impending Groovy shut down.
    Even when a field is displaying a cloud in detail view, routines and scenes should be able to control it.

There are apps available in the various app stores if you need a remote control emulator on your phone. The UI in the ST app is too restrictive to have it act as a full-featured remote control replacement, so that’s not my goal here. If ST finishes the UI for the TV capability then I’ll implement that, and it should provide for a better interface than what is on this device now.

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I haven’t tried this out yet - but this is awesome to see. I worked on the Groovy based one for Sony quite some time ago. I haven’t had the time to learn the new Edge drivers, but this is perfect to get me up to speed.

I’m definitely interested in contributing and/or helping out with this to polish it off. I had plans to build a system that would work with LG (old & new), Sony, Vizio. The Groovy based DTH had limitations that could not be overcome without extra hardware. The new drivers should be able to work with all of them.

Are you interested in others helping out?

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Sure! Pull requests are welcome.

I feel like the big challenge right now is the UI design. We’re pretty limited in how custom capabilities can look (and they just got broken by a lovely Friday update), and last I checked the stock capabilities that would help - TV and TVChannel - aren’t fully developed and either don’t render or don’t work properly.

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I never thought I can add my Sony TV to ST until I read this thread. This worked perfectly with my XBR-65X900E. Thank you for the this!!! Opens a hole new world of automations!!!

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I can confirm that this works flawlesly on 2021 Bravia OLED TV with Google TV OS! :slight_smile:


@philh30 is there anyway to make this show as a dimmer switch to Alexa? I ran a groovy handler before for Bravia like this and it allowed setting the volume as you would brightness m. “Alexa set Bravia to ten percent” set volume to ten.

I’m wondering if I’m missing something. I can’t seem to get this to work. I have a Sony Bravia TV connected to my wifi. It is a 2014 model, but it has all the settings you describe.


I have gone into the TV settings and enabled Remote Start:

Turned on Simple IP Control

Set the Authentication to “Normal and Pre-Shared Key”

And set up a PSK

I have your Sony Bravia TV Edge driver installed

Unfortunately, when I scan for new device in the ST app, it doesn’t find anything.

I wonder if the TV is just too old… :frowning:. Maybe it doesn’t support UPnP? How would I find out?

Kudos @philh30 on this quality driver.

I have a few scenes I am using for various automation’s on my XR Bravia -

  • Turn the TV on/off.
  • Launch an app, complete the account selection in that app. (combination of IRCC 11,12,13)
  • Perform the confirm action a few times, to play some media. (combination of IRCC 11,12,13)
  • Use the play/pause actions. (combination of IRCC 78 or 84)



@philh30 This is brilliant! Thanks for making this!

I could use your help, I did everything the instructions said and I have Sony Bravia KD-75XG9505 with Android 11 OS.
For some reason, it found the TV but its grayed out and it says could not get device status, eve though I see the tile says “connected”
can anyone help?

Every few days I lose connection to my 2 TVs.
Why is that?
Is there possibility to reconnect the TVs without deleting them from the app? (they are part of routines so after deleting them I will need yo add them to the routines again…).



I enrolled the driver and set the TV settings as requested and still can’t find the TV on my network (just in ST).
I have one of the 2021 model with Google TV (X90J).
Any advise?

@philh30 this is working great on my new 2022 77" Bravia OLED running Google TV w/ YouTube TV service. I am currently using it with ST scenes and routines, in conjunction with Alexa vpice commands to run them. It was a bit of trial and error with the IRCC commands to get into YouTube TV and then switch to the right channel(s), but after a few (too many…ha) edits and testing, I have some decent scenes and routines in place.

I have an elderly parent with dementia living with me. For him to be able to sit down on the couch in front of a ST motion sensor and your driver do the majority of the legwork from that point on is a lifesaver. Appreciate your time on developing the driver/interface and the effort to keep it updated.

Would love to hear how others are using this with ST scenes and routines.


I have two sony TV’s .
One is newer 75’’ Google TV and work with no problem.
2nd is older 65" Android TV. identified , and in the dashboard it show connected. In the details all greyed and “could not get device status” if refreshing “There was a problem connecting , Try again later”
Here are some logs.

After few days of using and working. Can’t control sony TV 75" google TV. The log looks:

connecting... connected
2023-01-06T09:11:01.742502906+00:00 DEBUG Sony Bravia TV  Receive status = closed
2023-01-06T09:11:01.742971281+00:00 ERROR Sony Bravia TV  Socket Receive Error occured: closed
2023-01-06T09:11:01.743617406+00:00 WARN Sony Bravia TV  Closing socket
2023-01-06T09:11:01.852314198+00:00 DEBUG Sony Bravia TV  Receive status = closed
2023-01-06T09:11:01.853116240+00:00 ERROR Sony Bravia TV  Socket Receive Error occured: closed
2023-01-06T09:11:01.853839281+00:00 WARN Sony Bravia TV  Closing socket
2023-01-06T09:11:02.041044406+00:00 DEBUG Sony Bravia TV  Receive status = closed
2023-01-06T09:11:02.042960198+00:00 ERROR Sony Bravia TV  Socket Receive Error occured: closed
2023-01-06T09:11:02.051353906+00:00 WARN Sony Bravia TV  Closing socket
2023-01-06T09:11:02.153108281+00:00 DEBUG Sony Bravia TV  Receive status = closed
2023-01-06T09:11:02.154891573+00:00 ERROR Sony Bravia TV  Socket Receive Error occured: closed

Please advise.

Driver installed. Network settings enabled on tv.

Searching for device only shows the TV as a personal device?

Sony bravia 65" 2021