[ST Edge] SmartThings MyQ Edge (Obsolete)

Just to clarify, Tailwind’s own app may work locally to communicate with the openers, but the integration with SmartThings is Cloud-to-cloud.


Yes, I actually have MyQ still connected and it’s working.

Yes, you are correct. The app, Home Assistant and Homekit, will all work locally.

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Detailed article about Tailwind IQ3



Hi guys. Can anyone help. I’m fairly certain I completely removed all my containers and images on RPi, but for some reason, whenever I try to detect new devices in ST app, the myQ Controller keep popping back in.

Is there anywhere else I need to be checking?

Did you uninstall the driver?

Not sure. I did go into SmartThings website here Samsung account and found the device and removed it there as well.

In the app, open the hub associated with the myq controller. From the 3 dota in the upper left select Driver. Find the myq driver and select delete.

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Thanks so much. Also just remembered to go into the drivers page and unenrolled all the related drivers there as well.