MyQ garage door openers

Has anyone been able to figure out a working way to show status and/or control MyQ garage door openers in ST? I’d at least like to be able to control switches (garage heat) when the doors are open and close so status would be nice, without an additional tilt sensor.

Whole topic on MyQ.

Thanks. So, I get the garage doors to show up in ST, but all I see is “Connected.” What will give me status or control?

From what I’ve read, you must install his driver and you must run a server so that the hub can communicate outside of the local LAN. Did you do this yet?

Yes, I’ve installed the driver, although there are a number of them and I’m not sure which one to pick. And I don’t understand the “running on a server so that the hub can communicate…” Sorry.

Did you follow the directions here?

ST Hubs can only talk to devices on the local LAN. The integration with MyQ requires communicating with their cloud. That can only happen by having some kind of a proxy server that communicates locally to your hub and then over the Internet to MyQ.

That is not the garage door you are seeing. That is the MyQ Connector which is the connection to your MyQ server (something you need to set up on an always on computer or RPI). If you open it, tap on the 3 dots, tap on Settings, enter your MyQ user name and password and enter the IP# and port to the server and Save. After that, your garage door is created automatically.

what do you wish to use it on? RPI, synology NAS, windows workstation… you choose which system. ST communicates with this server which communicates with the MYQ system. ST is unable to communicate directly to MyQ.

I soldered small wires to the button contacts on a extra Liftmaster Myq remote I had and connected it to a zooz17 relay. I can use my car stero to operate the MyQ and add other routines with smartthings since it sees it as a switch.