MyQ Lite for edge, be able to use without having to create a server

My question, is when we can use groove MYq lite was stored in location or we can access it as a user. I am a techie but I do not want to build a server just for one app . Is there an easier way to get a hold of the version of MyQ lite for edge

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MyQ lite was a groovy smartapp/device handler. While you could get the code directly from the developer, you would not be able to run it as ST is currently phasing out the legacy groovy platform. IDE is also being shut down and some features have already been terminated such as installing groovy smartapps/device handlers.

The reason the MyQ Edge uses an always on server is to create communiction between the ST hub and MyQ. The old MyQ Lite did that directly through the cloud but no longer viable on the new platform.

There is one other option if you don’t have an always on server to run the new Edge Myq and that is to use IFTTT. Not the best but it is an alternative option.

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I really don’t want to have a server running on time just one app

I did look at IFTTT for MyQ, but only found a way to close or to check status. Not open

I’m looking at simple commands for iOS and android it seems a handful challenging but doesn’t want work.

I found that I can send a text to simple commands via smart things but simple commands won’t accept text messages from the phone number that smart things is using.

The Geo option for simple commands doesn’t seem to work

thank you so much for your feedback appreciated

one other option, get a hubitat, add MyQ there and connect it to ST.

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Okay, thank you!

Another option is to not use MyQ.
Door Remote + Relay + Tilt Sensor + Virtual Garage Door Driver will get the job done with all local processing. Does require some expense for parts, but also frees you from MyQ. Also does not interfere with MyQ if you still want to use MyQ for Friend/Family/Amazon purposes.

Relay + Tilt

Door Remote ready to be connected to relay:

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Adding a link to Virtual Driver channel that includes Garage Door (there are several):
Virtual Edge Driver:

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Thank you for the input. I’ll look into that.

Date 03/19/2023

I found another device. I purchased it and it works very well.

for the Chamberlain/ Lift masters you will most likely need an adapter. Meross will send you one free.

On Meross website in the FAQ section Under

What’s the accessory for smart garage door opener, and how can I claim it?

There is a link to get the accessory

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener model MSG100

Here a link

It’s also available on Amazon currently for less than $22. here’s the link

Just be aware that the MyQ garage door controller is UL listed and the Meross and Zooz relay options are not.

The main difference is that UL listing for garage door controllers with an app now requires an audible and blinking light alert, and that’s what’s missing.

You may not care about that, or you may even find the beep annoying, but there are a few US jurisdictions and some homeowners associations which do require that all automatic garage door opener controllers be UL listed.

So just check with any authority that might have jurisdiction over your home if you are switching from MyQ to another controller, and that other controller is not UL listed. :thinking:

Also, if you are an Airbnb host and your guests will be using that garage, they may also require only UL listed equipment for the garage door. Or your local township may have special requirements for Airbnb hosts.

Just something to be aware of.

when you receive the meross opener, you send a copy of the meross order along with the garage door opener it will be connected to… brand/model/year to Meross support. All the info is on their website and is included with the Meross garage door opener when you receive it.

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For me, no beeping would be feature. I had to disable that damn speaker on my hub otherwise the whole neighborhood would take notice whenever I came and went, not to mention the Amazon Key deliveries. It was embarrassing.

Interesting that is what is required for UL cert. Garage door openers don’t beep or blink when using the standard remotes, so I’m not clear on why it would matter for them to do so when using an app.

I have had the MSG100 for several years and it’s great.

UL added that to the 325 standard a few years ago with the explanation that their assumption was that someone using a standard remote would be line of sight to the door, so they would know if there was a person or animal nearby. But someone using an app or, more significantly to them, someone who had automated their system, might not be line of sight when the door started to close.

You can argue that with them, but they finalized it with that requirement. :man_shrugging:t2:

Can I mute the beeping sound made by the garage door operator when closing? - Knowledge Base

No. The beeping sound from the garage door operator is an alert for persons near the garage door to stay away from the garage door while it closes. This safety standard is required by UL 325 for unattended control of a garage door. The beeping cannot be turned off and its volume cannot be controlled.

  • The operator must be equipped with an audible and visual warning system indicating a pending motion for five seconds before the door starts moving.

And from the UL site:

Keeping your Family Safe When Using Automatic Garage Doors | UL Standards | UL Standards

And, with the added convenience of being able to close your garage door via your phone or mobile device, new visual (flashing light) and audible (buzzer/speaker) indications are required to alert anyone nearby that the door is about to close.

The point is just that whether you agree with that or not, if you are covered by an authority that requires that any garage door operator meet UL standards then, some, like MyQ and gocontrol, do, and others like Meross, do not at the time of this writing.


I like this solution. I already have tilt sensors in place… I don’t want to run a server for just this functionality (even if it is a Raspberry PI.) And frankly, I’m tired of all the depreciated functionality (Life360, MyQ, RBoy, etc) in ST over the past year.

Do you have something showing the specifics of how this is wired? (I have 2 garage door openers.) I see the Virtual Driver instructions, thanks!

Question: Can the ZEN16 be connected to the garage door switches I already have on the garage wall (instead of the " Security+ 2.0 Wireless Dry Contact Adapter"?

Sorry I don’t have any information what you’re asking

Ha, i’d always wondered what the meross “accessory” was. It’s just a universal garage door remote with a wire lead. Basically the same work around people in forums like this have been using for years.

Agree… so many changes and workarounds over the past couple years to keep MyQ working non-MyQ systems. Not a huge fan of finding out there’s some new API that requires new ways to authenticate/authorize because an automation didn’t work. brbeaird has done a phenomenal job staying with the times and providing updated solutions, but it seems like MyQ (and Smarthings) keep making things more difficult for 3rd party solutions.

My understanding is due to “Security+ 2.0” use on MyQ openers, it is not possible to directly wire a relay to the opener or to the wall button.

This pre-soldered three button remote might work for you. Just program each button to operate specific doors and wire to the relay accordingly.

There seems to be much more discussion of “local control” over on the hubitat forums. This post/picture shows wiring from remote to Zen16:

Got my ZEN17 MultiRelay and included it into ST. Is this how it’s supposed to look? I’m a little confused as to how to configure each individual relay (to open/close the specific garage door.) I presumed there would be a virtual button for each relay, when looking at this device in ST.