Ecolink Z-Wave 700 Siren+Chime Issue: Unable to configure chime without alarm going off

I am at a loss. After finally getting the appropriate drivers for the Ecolink Z-Wave 700 Siren+Chime to allow configuration, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get door opening chimes to work. When testing in the device settings itself, it will appropriately chime any of the standard sounds without issue.

Unfortunately when I set up an automation to trigger a particular chime for doors opening, I cannot get it to actually play the sound correctly. No matter what configuration is chosen, none will play as expected. Sometimes the sound wont play at all, some times it will play a short .25s chirp of the sound, or worst of all it will play .5s of the siren at full flipping volume then play the chime.

I am at my wits end. What should be simple configurations of almost any automated functions nearly never work correctly, and now with this I am considering trashing the entire system due to it being basically non-functional.

Current configuration is attached, which is the one that causes the siren to scream for .5s, then play the chime.

which Edge driver?

have you seen this thread?

That is the driver I have installed, and this morning as I have worked further on it, everything seemed to work correctly.

Unfortunately, after testing 30+ times without issue, the siren went off briefly again for no discernible reason. It seems to be intermittent, and every sensor is configured the same way. I turned off the toggles for the siren totally, yet it still had the issue.

I assume this must be a driver problem…

Your rule should look like this and if you’re playing all your chimes at 100% then there’s no need to include the chime volume:100% command.