[ST Edge] Philips Hue LAN [BETA] (3rd Party Driver, Not ST Native)

That sounds ideal :+1:

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I reviewed this API and it looks like the device that “starts” the sync functionality is the same one that needs to be streaming to the Hue hub. Doing this from ST wouldn’t make sense if this is true. Please correct me if you know something different on this.

I don’t see a way for ST to tell the Hue hub to sync to a different device. This is likely why ST has limited their own sync functionality to syncing with Spotify.

Looks like the best we could do is import the entertainment zones and indicate if they are actively being synced. You could use that in automations, but couldn’t control it directly. I suppose I could STOP it as well, but not start it.

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Published 2022-10-

  • Add support for whole home lighting groups (See Hub Settings)
  • Updated network status codes

@TheHundredthIdiot You should be able to use the Home groups with this version

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@blueyetisoftware I can indeed, spot on :nerd_face:

Thank you so much :pray:

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Yes, that’s correct - the physical Hue Sync Box. The start command is done on that and it then communicates with the Hue bridge which sends the light commands to the Hue devices. You can have more than one Sync Box on a single Hue bridge but only one can be active at the same time (due to processing power constraints on the bridge). In my case I have two Sync Boxes linked to two separate Hue bridges so if I wanted to I can have both Syncing at the same time.

Does that clarify or muddy the waters?

Hi @blueyetisoftware ,

Just a question, purely out of curiosity so nothing to add or change :smiley:

Looking at the device list available on the ST Hub device I notice that none of the Hue devices are listed (I have no lights imported). Is this an ST feature or is there another reason? Presumably they contribute to the total device count?


By default light import is off. Check settings under the Hue bridge device for the option to enable it.

Thanks @Nezmo but I am aware of this.

My query is around all other Hue devices (Rooms, Zones, Sensors ect.) that are available devices but do not present in the Hue hub device list…

Presents in Hub list as:

I’ve seen this as well and am not sure why they don’t show here. It is up to the ST UI for the hub. I’m guessing it has something to do with edge, custom capabilities, or devices underneath a connected hub.

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Yes. It looks like the Hue Sync mobile app connects to the Sync box via bluetooth and then the Sync box connects to the Hue hub through its API. So the Sync box is the one initiating the connection in that case. I can’t do that from ST Edge.

If you are comfortable with CLI and curl commands, we can take this to a DM thread and try to interrogate your Sync box to see if we can find anything. You would need to get your Hue hub IP address and a token.

Confirmed that ST is hiding “grand children” connected underneath other hubs/bridges. I have asked them to add a feature to hubs defined in other drivers so we can show connected devices ourselves:

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Hi, I’ve been testing it from day one, but in parallel to the native integration, just to understand how it works and what it offers.

I don’t understand how to use favorites in automations. It makes me enter a text, do I have to write the name of the favorite exactly?

Always in the notifications in the alert only Blink appears. I tried but nothing happens. Do I need to set anything else?

Yes, you have to write the name of the scene in that field. That is something I would wish to be a bit easier.


The presets functionality in ST doesn’t allow us to present a menu of the favorites in automations. I think this is because the automation engine requires all possible value to be known in advance, and the name of the Hue scenes can change at any time. In the meantime, you need to enter the name of the scene you want to use for that room/zone. The names line up with whatever you call them in the Hue app. It is somewhat forgiving about case sensitivity and extra spaces.

For the alerts, that is populated by the capabilities of your light. Your light only supports blink. It is likely not working because you haven’t enabled it in the settings for the device. It shouldn’t be visible until you enable it in preferences, but due to a bug in ST, it appears all the time. That issue has also been reported to them and is being looked at.


I have rgb led strips, rgb lamps and only white lamps . All just blink.

I do not understand, where should I activate in the settings?

I have activated this in all my lamps and in my rooms

Edit: Fixed, it simply started flashing after a few seconds.

Hue will blink the lights for 15 seconds as an alert. If you have off brand lights, they may report that they can perform the alert while not being able. I have seen some non-Hue lights do this. That UI is shown if the Hue hub says it is enabled, so the driver trusts the lights.


i installed the driver, but i cant find the settings where i choose what to import. I want my sensors/buttons in ther too?

Now i only get lights

Sounds like you are getting the default ST driver. If you run discovery again and pair the hub again, the second driver should be found as well and you can delete the ST version. I am trying to come up with a good solution on my end to avoid this workaround.

that did the trick. But i still cant import sensors. Even tough the stitch to imprt them is on

We are limited in the number of devices we can create in a single discovery session. You may need to go through there a few times. If that doesn’t do the trick, feel free to DM me and I can help troubleshoot. Please note that the sensors are a work in progress, so you won’t see motion events yet.