[ST Edge] Philips Hue LAN [BETA] (3rd Party Driver, Not ST Native)

i just need the temperature and light sensor from my outdoor motion. Don’t use the motion sensor in it

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This is brilliant. However, unless im being daft (probably :crazy_face:) i cant access any scenes!

Also despite running the pairing process several times im still missing some devices.

I take it once all is working I can ‘unlink’ the original ST/HUE connection?

Thanks for the work on this :+1:t2:

Running this multiple times will not help. You only need to pair to the Hub. Once that is paired, discovery can find connected devices without further pairing. Scenes show up in your room/zone lighting groups as “favorites”.

Before jumping into all of this though, please verify you are using this driver and not the ST driver. You can check the setting of your Hub devices. You should have toggles for a bunch of different device types. If those setting aren’t there, you have the wrong driver. This is also where you would control which devices are imported.


Definitely the correct driver

The first time I ran the pairing process the hub was discovered. Then after that I ran discovery with no results. I pressed the hue hub again and it immediately found 7 devices. I have ran discovery several times now and whilst the majority of my lights have appeared there are a few that have not - all powered up and all working.

Ahh yes found the scenes now, thanks.
Ill keep trying to get the other lights over. But the ones that have come over work a treat


The multiple pairings are definitely not going to help in finding more devices. The discovery code pairs to a hub, and then searches the hub for connected devices. It is possible that your lights are not supported for some reason. Feel free to DM me the list of devices that are missing.

This looks awesome, although I haven’t yet installed this driver as I’m waiting on 2 things -

  1. To see what develops with official Hue - ST integration / matter
  2. Waiting for motion detector support in this driver

So my question - is motion detection support still a WIP? Or is there something that prohibits this from being a possibility with this driver?

Thank you

They are going to offer control over individual lights and possibly the use of motion sensors. That’s the last I heard.

This is just waiting on support for SSE (Server Sent Events). The motion sensors can be discovered and you can get temp, lux and battery at the moment. Motion itself needs SSE. This is on the way. Just waiting on ST to add it, which they will have to for their own Hue driver.

After they release theirs, the big differentiators will be:

  • Hue scenes
  • Hub / Zone / Room control with no popcorn effect
  • Lighting effects like fire, candle light, etc
  • Lighting alerts like blinking
  • Hue connected switches and dials including the new tap dial
  • Ability to selectively import different classes of devices and KEEP them deleted (I hate auto discovery)
  • Circadian lighting (not yet implemented)

+1 for Circadian lighting. This seems like one of the killer features for variable-color-temperature lighting. It’s a wonder that we still don’t have it after all these years.


Thank you @blueyetisoftware

So I’ve installed this driver, and it found the Philips Hue hub.
However - no rooms/zones were detected.

If I turn on the setting to “Import Lights”, all of the lights are imported into ST (so it shows the driver has successfully found my Hue hub).

I tried toggling the “Import Zone” and “Import Rooms” switches to see if that cause a refresh.
I have tried the pull to refresh on the hub.

But I am not seeing the Rooms/Zones as light groups.

Any suggestions? What have I done wrong, or not done?


Sorry Newby here, but where can I find these import settings for zones, rooms etc?

Managed to find them and it’s working now


Nothing is imported automatically. You can go into discovery mode by adding devices and clicking “scan nearby”. This should create a lighting group for each room or zone defined in the Hue app.

If you are already connected to the hub, you do not need to repair it each time. I would also like to ask if you are inside or outside of the US. ST has been rolling out their own driver in certain regions and it has been causing conflicts during discovery.

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Yes, the scan nearby found the hub, but didn’t find any rooms or scenes. (And didn’t create the lighting groups).

Toggling the setting to import the lights worked.

I’m in the UK.
As far as I can tell, there’s been no change to my ST-hue integration


Feel free to send me a DM and we can try to debug it. Screenshots of the settings screen for the Hue Hub in ST as well as the Rooms in the Hue app will help. If you are able to get logs from your hub, that would be great as well.

The driver doesn’t import lights by default which is why you had to toggle it on. There is also a limit to the number of devices we can create in a single discovery session, so you may need to scan multiple times if you have a large number of devices.

I am seeing reports that Hue is going to add circadian lighting natively. They have already added it to the options for their ‘tap-dial’ when turning on lights. I am holding off for a little bit to see if they add it across the board. If they do, it will make for a cleaner/faster solution on my end.


Thanks for sharing this driver @blueyetisoftware. It’s great to see the back of the popcorn effect, however I’m seeing a new issue in it’s place. I have automations linked to a motion sensor to trigger hue scenes depending on the time of day. What I think is happening is upon trigger, ST is turning all the lights on at their last state, then a second or so after that the hue scenes kicks in. This can mean lights coming on at 100% then going off/dimming/changing colour temp depending on the scene.

If I select a scene in a room/group manually it works fine, it’s only in automations this happens.

Do you know what might be causing this behaviour?

@granite Do your ST automations turn the room/zone on and play a favourite?

They only need to play the favourite (Hue scene) then you should not see any transition from last state to requested favourite.

On will turn on @ last state so if you do this and combine with playing a favourite you’ll see exactly what you describe :+1:


That’s exactly it, thanks @TheHundredthIdiot! I didn’t realise you could deselect the On/Off.

All sorted now :+1:


Thanks for troubleshooting @TheHundredthIdiot :+1:


After installed Philips Hue LAN, I scanned new devices. All the hue items including the hue was added. However, they were still using the non-edge driver.

  1. Do I need to unlink philips hue first?
  2. Do I have to remove all hue devices first?

Thank you