[ST Edge] Issues with released Drivers

Modified edge driver “zigbee Motion Sensor” with LIDL Motion Sensor fingerprint with motion-battery profile works fine.

I will update if any problem appears

  - id: "LIDL Motion Sensor"
    deviceLabel: LIDL Motion Sensor
    manufacturer: _TZ1800_fcdjzz3s
    model: TY0202
    deviceProfileName: motion-battery

This is great and needs to be added to the official driver eventually. :relaxed::pray:

Yes, right.
Adding this fingerprint data to the fingerprint.yml file

and then doing the package and publish with the CLI.
Installation in the hub can be done with the CLI or from the app by opening the Drivers option in the hub menu.

Uninstall the sensor and reinstall it by searching nearby

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In the drivers page of the Hub, when you exceed what can be seen on a page, it does not scroll down and you do not see all data

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Thank you for sharing, this is already reported. We’ll let you know about the progress. :smiley:


@nayelyz I have an enhancement request for the driver channel webpage. It would be nice if their was a drop down below each driver that showed the deviceLabel entries of the fingerprints.yml file for the driver so its easier to tell what devices it supports. It’s impossible to tell from this view which driver I need to install for a certain device


Thank you for sharing your idea. I’ll create the enhancement request. :smiley:


Looks like this just got fixed

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I have an iris motion sensor. I added it using the Zigbee motion sensor edge driver. It does not show any motion. Automation does not work.

Edit: I removed the device and rebooted the hub. I reinstalled the device. Now I see motion, battery %, graphics and temperature. When I use it in an automation, nothing happens.

Just got around to looking at that. It looks like the profile for the Sonoff (eWeLink DS01) has been replaced by one that only has the Contact Sensor, instead of by one with the Contact Sensor and the Battery. That will be worse …


- id: "eWeLink/DS01"
    deviceLabel: eWeLink Open/Closed Sensor
    manufacturer: eWeLink
    model: DS01
    deviceProfileName: contact-general


name: contact-general
- id: main
  - id: contactSensor
    version: 1
  - name: ContactSensor


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And it is …

Having had to move my Wi-Fi and Zigbee channels around yesterday, I am still picking up the pieces. Apart from having given up on ever getting my arrival sensors to pair again, the main issue is thar ActionTiles can’t see the Sonoff contact sensor devices any more, perhaps because it was relying on the battery capability to provide the visibility to authorise them (or perhaps not, all I know is it doesn’t list them).

Currently I can’t get the things to stay online either.

Sorry for the late response, I’ll check this internally and let you know.

About the devices going offline, have you verified if they are configured to report their status to the Hub?

I’ve been using the Egde Beta with a few Ikea Tradfri Outlets, but since the 26th none of them are turning on/off. Is there an issue with the new released version ?

Have you restarted the Hub to see if it helps? In the app, do they appear online or offline?

I’m away at the moment so can’t but it will probably be only that.

And yes the app says it’s online

You can reboot the hub through IDE at https://account.smartthings.com
go to My Hubs, look for View Utilities on that page and then click on reboot hub :slight_smile:

Has anything been released on where this will happen after groovy ends?

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Rebooted remotely and issues mostly resolved. Thanks for the suggestion. Forgot to check IDE for reboot commands.

Rebooting hub from the app would be great ootion to have. :thinking:


I know this thread hasn’t been active for a few months, but I was playing with an app today, and the logs reminded me of something I brought up in this thread over a year ago …

2022-09-25T15:48:22+0000: Hall Motion ONLINE NONE
2022-09-25T17:45:39+0000: Bedroom Motion OFFLINE SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE
2022-09-25T17:47:06+0000: Bedroom Motion ONLINE NONE
2022-09-25T20:28:18+0000: Hall Motion OFFLINE SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE
2022-09-25T20:51:24+0000: Hall Motion ONLINE NONE

The IKEA Motion Sensors are still being marked offline by the Edge driver after a few hours of inactivity. Not a particular biggy as they come back online when motion is detected, they are rarely offline when STHM is armed, and they are too prone to false detection to use with an alarm anyway. It would still be nice if they didn’t do it though.

The bigger problem was with Sonoff Contact Sensors, but I think they may have been sorted.