[ST Edge] Issue with device history

@nayelyz since i got the latest 39.x firmware update non of my edge driver motion sensors work. They all appear stuck with no info inside the history tab.

Hello, @Andremain. Do you mean the device events are not reflected in the app? Do you see any logs related to the Driver using the smartthings edge:drivers:logcat?

@nayelyz I need to check but all of my devices are stuck and wont change status

That’s odd. It would be helpful to see if there are logs which means the events are received but not processed. About the version, do you have the 39.00004?

Hey, @nayelyz yes, however i was using the 38.0 when i added the edge drivers. Since the update, my motion sensors with edge drivers have stopped working and got stuck to either no motion or motion detected.

Nothing on the logs i am afraid… here is the export:


Here is the device

Do you want to dig deeper or should i just remove and readd them?

Btw i have already restarted the hub and no go…

Just to clarify in the screenshot the phone’s time is 7 in the evening while the last sensor log was 7 in the morning.

Yes, I need to report it so the engineering team can see the root cause, once they analize the issue, I think you could readd them.
Thank you for the information.

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