Can't find Edge driver for the old ST Multipurpose Sensor (GP-U999SJVLEAA)

Both the newer ST Multipurpose Sensor (GP-U999SJVLAAA) and the old ST Multipurpose Sensors are still not on Edge driver yet. I can’t find it in the list from here Table of Edge Drivers - Things That Are Smart Wiki

Is there a edge driver I can use for that now? Thank you

There is the Zigbee Contact sensor and one from @Mariano_Colmenarejo where you can use the 3 axis which I prefer

Thank you so much!

I’ve got the old ST Multisensor installed, and when I attempt to select a different driver I get no choices, even though I do have the Zigbee Multi Sensor Mc on my hub. Anyone else having this problem?

My primary issue with the ST driver is that I cannot set reporting frequency values, and it’s reporting temp changes in tenths. This is not normally a problem until we dropped below zero outside (high of -7 yesterday). The Multisensor is mounted to an aluminum door frame in a sunroom with a heat pump set to freeze protect, and it’s reporting changes nearly every minute.

Hi @oldwindowsguy

The correct driver is Zigbee Contact Mc

Excellent, thank you. Looks like I lost 30% of my battery in the first month (this has been sitting on my shelf since 2017). The ST driver was reporting battery as zero percent, causing Alexa to repeatedly try to sell me a battery. I’ve got other temp sensors in the room so I cut the reporting way down.

Really appreciate you guys for keeping us all going!