[ST Edge] Is it possible to upgrade device's firmware using OTA?

Some companies like Ikea release their firmware online so everyone can download it (like the list of files here: http://fw.ota.homesmart.ikea.net/feed/version_info.json). I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the device using OTA by either embedding the binary file in Edge driver or point directly to the URL.

I’ve seen the firmwareUpdate capability with command updateFirmware and also some OTA cluster related structures in Edge API (st.zigbee.zcl.clusters.OTAUpgrade).

Is it possible to upgrade the device’s firmware using the Edge driver?


Hi, @hmorsti.
I discussed this situation with the engineering team and they mention the following:

  • The OTA firmware update is handled only by the Hub. This means the device firmware cannot be packaged with the Edge driver so users can install it, etc.
  • They suggest you include the capability firmwareUpdate which helps you provide important information, such as the current version, whether or not an update is available, and the ability to trigger the update but all the implementation of that capability is in the Hub.

As we are still in the beta phase of the Edge drivers, these kinds of processes (OTA update, certification, etc.) are not defined yet but stay tuned for the Announcements and the newsletter (subscribe at the bottom).


it’s been a year since the last time OTA updates were discussed. any progress on this front? will smartthings ever allow firmware file updates either using a web console or via app?

i often have to unsync my device, sync it with my z-wave usb dongle, update firmware, delete, add to smartthings, reconfigure all routines related to it… this is not a good ecosystem were I have to go through such hoops just to update a firmware.


It seems like nothing has changed since the last year :frowning:
I tried some hacking by responding to the ZigBee ZDO network address discovery command (when adding the device) to advertise the hub as an upgrade server but it seems the hub is filtering my messages. Also Image Notify command is probably filtered.

Anyway, I’ll probably try again some hacking when I have some more time.

Hi! Sorry for the delay, there’s no new information about this, I’ll bring that up again to the team but currently all efforts are focused on the migration from Groovy, so, this can take some time.


@nayelyz Any update on this? Firmware updates can be critical for many users.

I need to flash a Zigbee device too

No, unfortunately, firmware updates are still not supported to be done through the SmartThings platform. You could do what others mentioned above of connect to other controllers to make the firmware update and then connect back to ST. Or, you can check if the manufacturer of your devices provides other options.

How do I update Zigbee light switch firmware OTA when using an edge driver? I am trying to update an Inovelli Blue Zigbee switch using the Inovelli Blue edge driver and it is not updating the firmware to the most recent version.

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Inovelli hasn’t worked out the details with Zigbee OTA updates for their devices that are under Edge with SmartThings yet.

You’ll need to update it using another system, or wait until they get it sorted out.

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@nayelyz Is there an ETA for this? Again firmware updates can be user critical. I also have an inovelli blue series switch that requires updates. Inovelli has firmware updates ready to provide to Samsung but apparently no one on the Samsung side is interested in receiving them to meet your customers needs.

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Sorry for the delay. No, there’s no ETA for it. I’ll check if I can get more info about this.

@nayelyz - I second the need for this functionality. I am reluctantly considering leaving ST after many years because I have devices in need of firmware upgrade. It is half the work to migrate to other platform permanently than to do so temporarily, install firmware updates, and then come back to ST.

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Agreed that its not as easy as it can be, but for Zwave devices you can add a zwave usb stick to ST as a secondary controller, perform the firmware upgrade using PC Controller or another tool, and then remove the stick. Everything else can stay in place (routines, smart lighting, etc).

Zigbee can be done with a USB zigbee stick without deleting, and then just re-paired back to ST. Nothing has to be removed.

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My Aeotec MultiSensor 6 is unreliable. It goes long periods where it doesn’t work at all, then I unplug it, plug it back in and it works for a few days, but when I put the batteries back in, it usually again does not work (at least reporting to the server; the single green LED lights). At one point, after accessing it through the IDE, it seemed to work great; for a couple of days.

I only use the motion sensor, so I’m considering replacing it with a dedicated motion sensor, but maybe ST, Zigbee and Zwave are just too complex for me. I want to just update the firmware on the Aeotec 6 but can’t figure out a way to do that, and I can’t figure out whether this is a Groovy/Edge transition issue, or why things are broken. (Does the sensor just have a spider web under the shield???)

I installed the edge driver for the Aeotec 6 last week, but the Settings still doesn’t show the Driver option, so I have no idea whether this resolves Jan 1st.

Please elaborate . . . A zigbee stick and what software?

What firmware version is your sensor using? It should be displayed in the IDE as it was paired under that originally (edge devices will no longer display firmware versions here…). Its in the raw description area of the device details in the IDE:

If the device type in the IDE is ‘placeholder’, then its using an Edge driver and this information may not be there or accurate if it is.

The version history and what was fixed at each version is listed here. Curious what you’re running and what might have been taken care of.

A couple options:

  • Get a zwave usb stick and update it yourself using PC Controller or another computer application.
  • Check with Aeotec support. They may have options for you, including returning the device for update or loaning you the hardware to do the update yourself. Leviton used to provide updates this way, they’d mail you a USB stick that you’d return when you were done.
  • Someone on the forum may be willing to help update it for you. I’ve updated devices for people that they’d send to me and just the cost of return shipping.

This would mean its still using a DTH or local non Edge driver, which in this case would mean the firmware version in the IDE should be accurate. Complex devices like this haven’t been auto migrated by Samsung yet, they are doing the easier low hanging fruit first.

Conbee II, which can also act as a Zigbee sniffer with Wireshark. Super handy.
deConz which works with the Conbee II has a plugin to do OTA updates.

Does this mean you only have 1 zwave device besides the hub in your network? Zwave is designed to be a mesh network with sleepy devices (battery powered) being supported by powered devices (plugs, switches) as routing devices back to the hub. If you have your ST hub within a room or two from your sensor, you’d likely be fine but really its best to have a mesh surrounding your sleepy devices.

Hubitat has a nice document on how to build out a zwave mesh for best results.

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Surely this must be an issue every partner of ST has. We’re in a catch 22 situation where all new drivers must be Edge, but the manufacturer has no way of updating the firmware of their devices.

It would be great to hear what the company is doing to address this. It’s both a functionality and security issue