[ST Edge] Hunter Douglas Platinum Shades

Edge based Hunter Douglas Platinum Shades Integration

Creates a Shade for each Shade, and a Switch for each Scene on the Gateway.

Docs and Invite link (in the docs)



Schwark, I’m interested in adapting your code for the older Hunter Douglas PowerView line, not the Gen3 line. Quickly glancing at your code I believe it shouldn’t be a stretch as it mostly interacts with POST and GET commands. I was wondering, the meat of your scripts that interacts with the shades is in hdplatinum.lua, no? The other files are wrappers that communicate to SmartThings that these devices are shades and not something else, no?

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Yes, hdplatinum.lua is the core communication module… It does NOT however use GET and POST. It uses a custom TCP/IP based protocol that is specific to the HD Platinum Gateway hub. It is also something that has to have commands queued as it gets mad if you have multiple simultaneous connections to the hub - a truly horrendous piece of hardware/software.

If you have a different model that uses a HTTP based protocol, you can remove a LOT of the complexity in this module to deal with the idiosyncrasies of the Platinum Gateway.

Hi, I’m also interested in keeping my PowerView integration running. Please let me know if you are able to convert to LUA/Edge. Thanks

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Try this Hunter Douglas Power View Gen 1 & 2 Edge Driver

I only have roller screens and standard down-up Duette & Applause type shades, so that is what I developed the driver for. Let me know what you think.