[ST Edge] How driver's description and 'support information' fields can be populated?


When developing an edge driver it seems useful to provide a short driver’s description, perhaps also a list of supported devices.

In hub driver view there is a list of installed drivers.
Selecting a driver opens a driver view.
In that view, it seems only name can be customized. Developer and Version fields are assigned automatically, while ‘Description’ and ‘Support Information’ fields are always empty.

How those fields can be populated?
Thank you


Hi, @ygerlovin

There’s an open request to show the supported devices on the channel invitation page so the users that want to use your drivers know which can be paired to them.

I will check with the engineering team the purpose of these fields because they’re also empty for the released drivers by ST so they might not be currently available.


Following up on this, the team mentioned that these fields are not supported yet but they will provide a way to set them later on.
As soon as I receive an update about that, I’ll let you know.

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Thank you @nayelyz

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