[ST Edge] Hampton Bay / King of Fans Zigbee Fan Controller

What’s the fingerprint of your device?

I tried using your driver with a Honeywell Fan and it came back with “ensure the driver you are trying to change to has a valid fingerprint match with this device”.

This driver is for the King of Fans zigbee module. If your fan uses one of those but has a different fingerprint then I can try adding it. If not then I wouldn’t expect it to work. You can use the site below to look up your device’s fingerprint. For zigbee devices it will be the “manufacturer code” and “model”.

Yes I have a KoF zigbee module in that fan. The manufacturer code is: 0039-4944-3131 Model is: 4944-3131.

You have a z-wave wall switch. You want the driver below instead:

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Okay. So I don’t lose control in the Smartthings app. I lose voice control from Alexa. That being said this wasn’t the case for the past several years with the names and voice commands being the exact same.

I have renamed my master “bedroom fan” to “Bob” in the Alexa app only. More specifically “Bob fan” and “Bob light” Alexa keeps discovering 2 devices one for fan and one for light (I’m assuming the child) I did this this morning, and just checked again when I got home and everything is working correctly. So maybe it is a naming issue but id love to know what it’s conflicting with because this wasn’t an issue before with Alexa. I’m wondering if there is something named in the code for the child that is redundant causing this? Of if there’s something in there different than the previous drivers naming or whatever Alexa looks for when running this.

I’ve included screenshots for reference of what exactly I’m running at the moment. I may try disabling the child and deleting it from Alexa next, as it still worked without being enabled for the hour before Alexa had issues with too many devices with similar names.

Never thought I’d be naming a fan Bob, but it’s kind of fun.

No. The driver is working correctly. You either have duplicate devices in Alexa - possibly ghost devices from when your fan used a DTH - or you have similarly named devices that are confusing Alexa.

This might help. It’s the Community FAQ on edge Drivers:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

I don’t see any duplicates. Is there a way to find and delete ghost devices? I’m not sure about similarly named devices because they worked on the previous DTH. Maybe the almighty Alexa AI is getting dumber?


First of all, thanks for your hard work creating this Edge driver. I’ve been going crazy the past few days trying to figure out why my 6 KOF devices had the tiles change and I lost partial control of them.

I have successfully installed your KOF Edge driver. What I haven’t figured out is what voice commands to use for Alexa to control the fan and light independently. I read through this thread, but haven’t seen the voice commands.

When I run Alexa’s device discovery, the KOF device is found, but there is no control for the light. What do I have to do so I can control the light?

Try going to the settings menu for the device and enabling the child device



Thank you. I’ve been using ST for many years. I’m still learning some of the new ins and outs of the Edge direction that Samsung has forced us to use.

@philh30 Thank you for writing this Edge driver!

I did get it successfully installed on two of the KOF Hampton Bay devices I have in my house, and they control both the fan and lighting spectacularly well. (Better than the old Groovy drivers, honestly).

The only thing I can’t seem to figure out is how to create the Child Light devices. I go into the Settings and toggle the option on to create the Child Light device, but it doesn’t show up in either the room where the fan is or in the No Room Assigned area.

Any thoughts?


I found them. They were placed into a totally random room (my Office) rather than in either the room with the fans or in the No Room Assigned area. So… hint for everyone else, make sure you check all of your rooms for the child devices. Cheers!

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New devices get placed into the room where your hub is located rather than the “No Room Assigned” area. That change happened several months ago.


Thanks @h0ckeysk8er, then that makes complete sense since my hub is in the Office. Will keep that in mind for the future. Cheers :slight_smile:

This is amazing and I am so happy to finally have my lights and fan back under voice control! My only question is for the child light does the dimmer function work for everyone else? Trying to figure out if this is a “me” problem or a driver problem.

@philh30 I can’t thank you enough for writing this driver.

Two questions for anyone who knows:

  1. In Google Home app, I only see the fan as on and off. Is this just me? Is there some setup I need to change?

  2. I assume since I’ve never seen an option for this that it can’t exist for some reason, but is there a way to replicate the reverse fan direction functionality from the physical remotes?

If you know of an open source driver that implements that then I can take a look. Otherwise, try grabbing logs when you toggle that on your remote and we can see if there’s an indication of what the remote is doing.

Sadly, I grabbed logs and there is nothing that happens in the logs when I hit the “Reverse” button. Which, I suspect, is why we haven’t had any reverse buttons in the drivers. I did see immediate log changes happen when I pressed the light button and fan button. Thanks anyway.