[ST Edge] Hampton Bay / King of Fans Zigbee Fan Controller

Update to version 2022-11-28T13:01:38.667900783 is being pushed out. This version adds an option in the settings menu to create a separate child device for the light control, allowing easier use with voice assistants. After flipping the option to on, the new light switch device should appear in your No Room Assigned room.


Any suggestion on where to purchase Hampton bay controller? I can’t seem to find any. Help is much appreciated.

This might be one; it says Wink in the description but also is listed as compatible with WiFi AND bluetooth (yeah sure). I would message the seller and ask to confirm that it’s the Wink version.

That being said, these are just not great devices - connectivity is flaky and they’re slightly glitchy in operation. Unfortunately, there aren’t many better options if you only have one wire going to the fan. Inovelli pulled theirs pending a redesign. The other main option is Bond, you can search here for recommendations on that.

Possible bug - I think this is a Smart Lighting issue but want to see if others can reproduce.

I created a virtual dimmer and set up a rule to sync it with the light (I know we can create child devices now; I was trying to test/demonstrate the setup for use with another device that I don’t have). On/off work fine, but when I adjust the dim level it sets the fan speed rather than the light level. A second rule syncs in the other direction, and changing the fan speed on the device updates the level of the vdimmer.

@philh30 nothing in the driver dictates how this is handled, right? I think it’s more likely an error in the sync implementation.

I assume you’re using the new Smart lighting? The old Groovy one doesn’t handle multiple components well (if at all). I agree it sounds like an issue with the smartapp, though I haven’t messed with the new one at all.

Try creating a scene (or routine) to change the dimmer level on the fan. That’s the only control I neglected to test with this latest release, so if it’s controlled properly by the automation then I’d say the driver is working properly.

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Hi @philh30, any chance you could add the following signature to this zigbee fan/light driver? It doesn’t seem to be picking up my fan/light switch made by Nue and I’m reading great things about this driver.

Your device doesn’t support the fan control cluster (0202) so it wouldn’t function properly with this driver. It looks like you have four switch endpoints. I’d suggest you post your device in the topic linked below.

Will do, thanks @philh30 . Even if it was a driver that turned it into four switches, that would make it useable again.

Thanks for the good work here. Oddly my installed fans do not show the timer?

I haven’t implemented any EDGE drivers in my home yet. I have a v2 hub and for the most part it has worked well.

I installed the KOF custom DH back when it came out years ago. At the time, it was a substantial investment for me and I don’t want to rip them out and start over with something else like Bond. I have 5 of these “Hampton Bay Universal 4 speed fan controllers with timer” and each has it’s own channel selected with the dip switches except for the 2 in my living room. They both share the same channel. These 2 “hiccup” by getting out of sync with each other every once in a blue moon, but for the most part have been very dependable.

I understand that at some point there should be a automatic change from the original DH I have been using for years, but the Android ST app screen on my phone to control the fans and lights still has not changed (see the screenshot). There is no timer function and no Breeze function. All of these fans/lights work with Alexa via ST except I have not found a fan speed command. I can turn them on and off with voice, but no speed control. My controller part number is TR240A. I would have to open up a fan canopy to get the receiver part number.

Since I have not installed any EDGE drivers yet, I would appreciate a paint by number instruction (especially since there are child devices).

I do not have any routines or scenes set up for any of these controllers in ST or the Alexa app, so removing and re-adding them in ST and the Alexa app should not cause any problems outside of removing the Alexa devices and recreating the devices with their associated groups in the Alexa app.

The controller version listed for this screenshot is 2.3.17-11. Is this the correct version? If so, why am I missing controls?

thank you @philh30 for making this. I have installed the edge driver “King of Fabs” however the app seems to respond only 1 out 4 times I issue a command for the light or the Fan. I get the error message that says “A network or server error occurred. Try again later”.
But it does work sometimes if I keep on trying. What is causing this issue and how can I improve the reliability of this driver?
Many thanks.

The driver isn’t problem. These fan controllers are notorious for having a weak zigbee antenna. The only help for this is to have a zigbee repeater such as a zigbee plug, etc. as close as possible in the same room.

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Question. This week something changed on smartthings and it no longer recognized my ceiling fans. I believe it finally dropped my KOF dh. I used this thread to update them to the new st edge KOF controller and added the child. I can get ST and Alexa to see them and controlled them. For Alexa it only works briefly, then soon after, my commands fail. Alexa says “there are more than 1 devices with that name, and to give it a specific name and re run discovery.” I have deleted and re discovered from both alexa and st, I have tried with and without the child for the light, and removed and re installed. Nothing I’ve tried has worked for more than an hour. What am I missing? Is there a way I can control this device with Alexa voice commands, and her not see multiple instances of the device? Neither the fan or light work after an hour. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The device handle you were using was probably migrated stock Edge Driver that is not compatible. See the following for a possible solution.

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Maybe I’m missing something, but I did update the drivers with the latest one including the child one from this thread. My issues described from the previous question are related to these drivers. Again, any suggestions on how to resolve my issues would be much appreciated. If the answer is in the above post office, and can you please be more specific and detailed as to what I need to do? I have read this entire thread and believe I have done everything as instructed. Thanks in advance

I don’t use this driver, so I would suggest communicating with the author of the KoF driver who is @philh30.

Are you saying that you lose control through the SmartThings app after an hour? Or is your problem solely with Alexa? Can you control devices in the Alexa app after the hour?

Have you tried this? By default the child is named very similar to the parent device, so I could see that being a challenge with voice assistants if you don’t edit the names. Try something completely different from each other.

Thanks for developing this…However, I cannot see any instructions on how to install this or any other edge driver. I’m not a total newbie since I installed the KoF groovy dh…but it’s been a while. Can anyone provide a link to some installation instructions?

KoF driver link.

Thank you for the link. That was easy…mostly. One device won’t use the KoF driver because of a ‘fingerprint’ problem.