[RELEASE] BETA - Z-Wave 3-Speed Fan DTH with Child Devices

Z-Wave Fan Control with Child Device

I’ve used the code from @ChadCK and @dalec to create a Z-Wave 3-Speed Fan DTH with children switches. What this means is that whatever you name your device, three additional child devices will be created. They will be called ‘DEVICE NAME’ LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH. These additional child devices can be accessed from other smart apps and more importantly from an Echo or Google Home device. These child devices will not show up on your device list (only inside the parent DTH).

As a note, this should be fully upgradeable from ChadCK’s DTH (should not break any existing integration).

Continues to support custom commands:


You will need to install both the parent and child DTH from my repository at jhamstead/jhamstead to IDE.

To Install

  1. Log into your IDE https://account.smartthings.com
  2. Click “My Device Handlers”
  3. Click “Settings” and add the following Repo: jhamstead / jhamstead / master
  4. Click “Update from Repo” and select “jhamstead / jhamstead”
  5. Under “New (only in GitHub),” check the following:
    smartthings: Z-Wave Fan Control
    smartthings: Z-Wave Fan Control - Child Device
  6. Select the “Publish” button
  7. Click “Execute Update”

To Update Existing Devices

  1. Go to “My Devices”
  2. Select the device you want to change
  3. Click “Edit”
  4. Select the “Type” box
  5. Find “Z-Wave Fan Control” near the bottom of the list
  6. Click “Update”

Parent Device

Child Device


Pretty cool! I will try this out on one of my fans to see if I like it.


I installed both the Parent and Child DTH, however, the ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, & ‘High’ buttons within the DTH arent showing in the app, only the slider and status light options.


Sorry. I changed the name of the device to make it line up and broke the DTH. Fixed now. Just download the updated version.

If you already have it installed, you’ll likely need to go into the SmartThings app and click settings, then save to create the child devices.

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Awesome work. Installed and working great!

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I tried this but the child devices never get installed. What am I doing wrong?

As a note, the child devices are there if you have LOW, MED and HIGH buttons in your device. Those buttons will be missing if the child devices fail to install. They are accessable through routines, SmartApps, Google Home and Amazon Echos.

If not, in IDE you’ll need to install and publish both the Z-Wave Fan Control and Z-Wave Fan Control - Child Device DTHs. Afterward, set your device to Z-Wave Fan Control in IDE. The children should automatically be created. You can force a child build by entering and saving the settings for your device in the SmartThings Classic App.

If that still fails PM me with your live logs. I’m sure we’ll be able to track down the issue.

Thanks for this. It works great in the ST app and through Echo/Alexa.

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Thanks for the handler, works great in ST. With my echo’s I’m experiencing so issues. “Alexa fan medium” doesn’t work but “Alexa fan med” does. And “Alexa fan low” does nothing while the fan is off and lowers the current speed by 10% when the fan is on. “Alexa fan on low” works in both cases.

First, in your SmartThings App, do you have Alexa setup to discover all devices or do you manually add them. If you manually add them, you’ll need to add the new devices:
Fan Low
Fan Medium
Fan High

Second, whether you add them manually or all are discovered, you’ll need to run a discovery in Alexa. If you haven’t say “Alexa, discover my devices”

Alexa does have some low high keywords so I’m guessing that the devices have not been added and the commands are using the keywords.

Lastly as it seems you know, to use the devices you can call them like:
Alexa, Fan Low On
Alexa, Turn on Fan Low

Using the “Alexa set” command will not work. These devices look like regular on/off switches.

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Thank you for the DTH. Works great!

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Thank you for this, makes the fan switch much more usable.

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Just got around to installing my GE Z-Wave Fan Controller and found your DTH. Just to let you know, it works great! Thanks!


Quick question…

I’ve now installed a second GE Z-Wave Controller Switch and set it up to use your DTH. I’m wondering if I need to have a seperate DTH for each fan. As it is, I just pointed my new fan controller device to the existing copy of your DTH. The parent and three children were created and I can use them with ST Classic, Action tiles but when using Alexa, the three children only turn the fan on and off at it’s previous setting. I can tell Alexa to set a certain percent and that works - including setting the proper child switch on/off. I do not have this issue with the original fan that was set to use this same DTH.

I hope that makes sense - and do I need to have seperate DTH copies for each fan? I didn’t think so but trying to figure out the issue?

I have installed the DTH and updated the device. Works good in Classic App but now my fan doesn’t work at all in new smartthings app. I am getting "Network or server error occurred. Try again later. Any recommendation how to fix it. Thanks

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Like Gerogino, my smartthings app is getting the same error.

Which Z-wave device does this work with?

In my case it was Smarthing problem. It was outage from their side
Check if they have any outage or not. Also you can remove and readd the device
Generally if this kind of error occurred it is some kind off problem on their side
Also unplug your hub wait a bit and plug it in to power again
Hope this helps

I’m attempting to use this custom handler for the GE Z Wave Fan switch. From what I’m seeing, it’s as though the fan can’t stay on. I choose “on” and it turns on for just a second or two. The fan visibly does run, but then immediately switches off. This powering off is also reflected in the Smart Things app.

Is this something to do with the handler, or am I possibly trying to use a switch that just won’t work with my fan? My fan came with a “dumb” switch, showing 4 possible settings, 0-3. Zero is off, 1 is high, 2 medium, 3 low.

Any advice is appreciated. I’ve had quite a time getting a switch that will work with these fans at all.

the interface is perfect in the classic ST, but in the new ST app, the interface doesn’t show the high/med/low buttons…only a cloud with a line through it and the dimmer slider