Alexa not showing fan speeds for Leviton ZW4SF-1BW

I’ve been using the Honeywell Z-Wave fan speed controller for years and Alexa shows device with fan speeds though they are a percentage. 33% = low, etc.

Since it’s no longer available I bought the Leviton ZW4SF-1BW and added to SmartThings just like the Honeywell and SmartThings is showing the 4 speeds (Low, High, etc) but only Power on/off is showing in Alexa. I’ve tried removing SmartThings skill and re-adding, logging of Smartthings and re-installing IOS app and didn’t help

Why would Honeywell Z-Wave Fan switch device show speeds in Alexa but not the Leviton Z-Wave one?

The Groovy Device Handler for Z-Wave fans has the switchLevel capability alongside the fanSpeed to allow it to be treated like a dimmer switch and that would appear to be how Alexa does it.

For whatever reason the Edge driver doesn’t include the switchLevel. This is a bit unusual as usually the Edge drivers mimic the device handlers even if it makes the developers want to spit. The chances are that you are using the Edge driver for the Leviton.

There is a pull request dating from August to put it back for exactly the reasons you mentioned, and it was even tested on the Leviton, but it does not seem to have been merged.

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I have an enhanced driver that adds the speeds to external systems for the Leviton controller.

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Thank you for some background and cause. For me it’ll just be easier to return it and get a wi-fi model for ease of Alexa integration.