[ST Edge] Driver for GE/Jasco/Honeywell Z-Wave Switches, Dimmers, Fans, Outlets, and Plug-Ins

I see in your fork that you added it to the ge-switch-assoc profile. I’m looking at all the UltraPro models and the features/parameters line up with the more recent GE branded ones so I’m thinking yours would belong in ge-switch-scene. Did you try it in that one?

I tried both the scene and assoc profile. Both didn’t set the indicator. I suspect the correct one is scene, however still doesn’t set the indicator :slight_smile:

I added fingerprints for the 3 UltraPro models listed on z-wavealliance. Since you have the CLI, you can push the new version immediately to your hub with smartthings edge:drivers:install or wait for it to push to your hub sometime in the next day.

The fingerprints have to also be loaded into the mappings in preferences.lua so that all of the settings map to the correct parameter number. It’s a bit clunky - I’d prefer to map to parameters based on the profile name but I haven’t found it stored in a human-readable format anywhere on the device record.

Just was figuring that out when I saw your response. I forced the CLI update and the light works as expected! Thank you for adding those fingerprints too!

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So I found what I believe is a bug in the Edge functionality within SmartThings. I have a room with 3 switches, I made a routine for the switches, if any of them are toggled down, turn off all of them. if any of them are toggled up, turn on all of them.

I’m seeing in the history the switch is toggled, and toggled up, or down depending on the actual action. So SmartThings is recording two actions for each switch press. The result is no changes are made with my routine.

I believe a workaround would be to modify line 49 and remove the push and hold commands as follows?
values = {‘up’,‘down’,‘up_hold’,‘down_hold’,‘up_2x’,‘down_2x’,‘up_3x’,‘down_3x’},

Ultimately making this change will remove some functionality if your routine only is interested in a hold, press and not a specific up or down to that.

Edit: no sooner did I write this, I tried the switches again, and they worked. Betas!

@philh30 I was able to get the GE motion dimmer reporting motion events after lots of troubleshooting. The steps that seem to finally get things working were to completely remove the device from ST (again and again), reset to factory defaults, re-join, reboot my ST hub, toggle a bunch of settings including disable/enable motion, occupancy mode, light sensing, then I shutoff/on the circuit to the dimmer device, and finally toggled some of the settings again.

In the process I did run a packet analyzer to see if motion events were being sent but ignore or lost. They were not. Power on/off events from the hub and physical on/off from the dimmer were sent correctly. There definitely seems to be a situation where motion events are enabled but for some reason the device is not sending them.

Is there a way to install this for only one device, or will it hit all matching devices automagically?

It won’t automatically convert existing devices. Once you install, any new devices that you add to your hub that match a fingerprint in the driver will use the driver (assuming you don’t have a custom DTH installed that has the device fingerprint declared).

Can I manually pick the edge driver in the IDE, similar to a DH?

Currently, since we’re in the beta, the device is either assigned to a Groovy DTH or an Edge Driver when it joins. There currently is no way to move a device from a DTH to a Driver or vice versa except by excluding/including (with the exception for older devices that I’ve noted in the first post of this thread).

Once a device has joined using an Edge Driver, there’s an option in the app to change which driver it’s using. In order to switch, you would have to have installed another driver on your hub that is compatible with the particular device. ST has a channel of official beta drivers, and they do have a driver for z-wave switches in it that should support any devices that work with this one. The stock driver has less functionality than this one though (no configuration parameters, z-wave association, or multi-tap button events).

Final note, the Groovy IDE has not been updated to be compatible with Edge and so it’s pretty useless for devices using drivers. All Edge drivers run locally on the hub, but will be listed as cloud in the Groovy IDE. Most of the detailed information on the device (such as z-wave node ID, security level and device fingerprint) will not display in the Groovy IDE for Edge devices. The Command Line Interface (CLI) is currently the easiest way to get details regarding an Edge device. I expect ST to release something that’s easier for end-users to interact with before the full transition, but I haven’t seen any statement from them confirming that.


I just got some fan controllers off eBay that are so recent (2038 date code) that none of the legacy or edge (ST or philh30) drivers match. They come up as dimmers. If I switch to the ST legacy ‘Z-Wave Fan Controller’ via IDE, things seems to work OK.

enbrighten 55258


Isn’t this just another Jasco flavor? Here’s the Raw Description:

zw:Ls2a type:1108 mfr:0063 prod:4944 model:3337 ver:5.50 zwv:6.08 lib:03 cc:5E,55,6C,9F,22 sec:26,85,59,86,72,5A,73,5B,70,7A

Can you add the fingerprint?

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Added. Thank you for the z-wave alliance link - very helpful. That’s definitely a new model as it’s the first Jasco fan switch I’ve seen listed with central scene. I’ve added it assuming it’s similar to the switches/dimmers in the current generation, so let me know whether the multi-tap button events (should support held, 2x, and 3x) and config options work.

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I can confirm 3x tap and hold.

I do see some issues with the fan support.

  1. The LED configuration either doesn’t work or just isn’t supported. It’s not in the documented list of parameters. This is with both the 55258 and older models. I honestly don’t remember if I’d ever changed the behavior previously. The default behavior is ‘Turn on when switch is off’.

  2. The ‘Fan speed’ control consistently times out when pressed. The ‘A network or server error occurred. Try again later.’ dialog pops up.

  3. The ‘Fan speed’ control does not track the ‘Dimmer’ control value. Maybe that’s a feature request?

The ST edge driver works as expected, but doesn’t expose 2x, 3x, or hold.

Thanks again for your community efforts. I really should jump in and help. The pain for me is setting up the development environment.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to take another look at the fan logic this evening. I just found an embarrassing mistake that explains some of what you’re seeing regarding fan speed and dimmer. I need to investigate/test a bit more though.

The LED settings for the fan switches in the past were always backwards from the Jasco standard, but they’ve consistently been the same parameter number at least. Do you see any change in the LED behavior when you change that parameter, even if it doesn’t match the description of the setting?

Just installed two UltraPros with this driver and things seem to be going well. Curiously, the Edge driver was selected over the DTH I have. Maybe a different fingerprint ID?

No change in LED behavior regardless of setting. The LED is always the opposite of switch state except for the flashing during fan speed adjustment.

I can’t claim to fully understand the fingerprinting process right now. I think what happens is that a custom DTH you’ve installed will take precedence over a driver when they both have the specific fingerprint (mfr / product type / product id) for that device. The driver will win if it has the device fingerprint but the DTH has a non-specific fingerprint (matching by supported command classes). That said, Edge is in beta so things could’ve changed.

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I only have one of the fan modules, and the LED commands work for it. It’s never been on the official list of parameters for the fan modules though, so it could be a fluke for that particular model. You can try the button sequence (the usual Jasco method is quickly tapping 3x up then 1x down) if there are any that you want to change.

I’ll probably need you to download the CLI and run logging to see what’s happening with the 55258 and the multi-tap button events. It could be that they haven’t actually included central scene in that model, and we have to fall back on the association method for double tap.

I’ve updated the driver and the fan speed control issues should be resolved. The update should hit your hub within the next 24 hours.

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I have 2 of the 55258 and I think all the others are 14287.

The fan speed control now works. I see you added ‘max’ like the ST version. Was that just a copy/paste from ST or is there some useful purpose?

Still no change in LED behavior. Is it an immediate change on your devices?

The up-up-up-down works on the 14287. It has no affect on the 55258. I actually managed to exclude a 55258 with all my tapping up and down.

Now, here’s the weird thing. Both of the 55258 devices now have the LED ‘always off’, so there must be at least that setting.

I’ll have to see if I can resurrect Z-Wave Tweeker and figure out what parameters do what.