[ST Edge] Driver for GE/Jasco/Honeywell Z-Wave Switches, Dimmers, Fans, Outlets, and Plug-Ins

I see in your fork that you added it to the ge-switch-assoc profile. I’m looking at all the UltraPro models and the features/parameters line up with the more recent GE branded ones so I’m thinking yours would belong in ge-switch-scene. Did you try it in that one?

I tried both the scene and assoc profile. Both didn’t set the indicator. I suspect the correct one is scene, however still doesn’t set the indicator :slight_smile:

I added fingerprints for the 3 UltraPro models listed on z-wavealliance. Since you have the CLI, you can push the new version immediately to your hub with smartthings edge:drivers:install or wait for it to push to your hub sometime in the next day.

The fingerprints have to also be loaded into the mappings in preferences.lua so that all of the settings map to the correct parameter number. It’s a bit clunky - I’d prefer to map to parameters based on the profile name but I haven’t found it stored in a human-readable format anywhere on the device record.

Just was figuring that out when I saw your response. I forced the CLI update and the light works as expected! Thank you for adding those fingerprints too!

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So I found what I believe is a bug in the Edge functionality within SmartThings. I have a room with 3 switches, I made a routine for the switches, if any of them are toggled down, turn off all of them. if any of them are toggled up, turn on all of them.

I’m seeing in the history the switch is toggled, and toggled up, or down depending on the actual action. So SmartThings is recording two actions for each switch press. The result is no changes are made with my routine.

I believe a workaround would be to modify line 49 and remove the push and hold commands as follows?
values = {‘up’,‘down’,‘up_hold’,‘down_hold’,‘up_2x’,‘down_2x’,‘up_3x’,‘down_3x’},

Ultimately making this change will remove some functionality if your routine only is interested in a hold, press and not a specific up or down to that.

Edit: no sooner did I write this, I tried the switches again, and they worked. Betas!