[ST Edge] Driver for GE/Jasco/Honeywell Z-Wave Switches, Dimmers, Fans, Outlets, and Plug-Ins

@philh30 I have one not on the list as well…jasco dimmer switch 700 series:



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@philh30 I’d like to add an ancient one to the list if I might.
GE Dimmer - JAS12724 - GE 12724 -
Manufacturer Code that I’m getting from the Devices page.

thank you.

@philh30 Hi, it looks like there’s a new model Ultrapro In-wall switch, with the fingerprint 0063-4952-3333. I need to be able to do the double-tap control, but without your amazing driver, I cannot. Please add this. Thanks!

@philh30 I also have these switches 0063-4952-3239. I bought what I thought were 0063-4952-3135 because I just bought the same thing I bought previously from the same vendor, but apparently they are not the same.

Would you be able to add them? How can I help?

I have a plug-in switch that is going off-line. I noticed that it is using the generic Z-Wave switch driver and I can’t change to this driver for the GE (& similar) switches. It’s Manufacturer Code does not appear to be in the driver. Can it be added? It’s 0063-5250-3031. Thanks!

@philh30 still around?

Here’s yet another one, similar to the ones mentioned earlier:
I think it’s a “Jasco ZW4009”.
Same request, mainly looking for the double tap feature.
Isn’t this open source?

You could certainly fork his repo, add the fingerprints, and do a PR. But, Phil still needs to merge it into his repo, package the driver, and update the channel. However, Phil mostly develops for Hubitat these days and isn’t very active here.

@csstup indicated that he is going to take up maintenance of this driver going forward, but there hasn’t been activity in his repo for GE/Jasco code. I’ve been doing some work on the Schlage lock driver and hope to be able to merge that code and add fingerprints for GE/Jasco devices as well.


I have all the GE/Jasco updates that Phil had done over the years consolidated into the Z-Wave Switch CS driver so its one large driver for all devices. 0063-4952-3138 isn’t supported yet however.


How do we go about getting your updated driver? Does it include 0063-4952-3333? Thanks.

Corey’s driver is based off of Phil’s. It doesn’t include your device’s fingerprint.