[ST Edge] Driver for GE/Jasco/Honeywell Z-Wave Switches, Dimmers, Fans, Outlets, and Plug-Ins

Was curious if you had implemented Zigbee Switch support for the Enbrighten 43078? It’s not loading a default edge driver

For more info on this model: In-Wall Smart Switch with Energy Monitoring (Decora Style) - CSA-IOT

n/m looks like you just work on zwave drivers

@Mariano_Colmenarejo does a lot of work in the Zigbee world. Check out his drivers.

Hi Phil,

I posted about my Jasco 14285 over here: https://community.smartthings.com/t/jasco-14285-40-amp-outdoor-switch-and-power-metering/243239/24 and was wondering if there is a way to increase the frequency of the reporting value for power. The minimum is 5 min.

The 5min reporting still doesn’t seem to be enough. The well pump runs for about a min or two max. I do get a trigger now and then if the timing is just right, but most times not.

What would my next steps be to try to get the driver to poll the device? Once I setup the SmartThings CLI, where do we go from there?

know of edge driver for GE smart Motion Sensor ZW3602

How can one figure out the firmware of their Jasco switches without IDE any longer? The API tool that someone created also doesn’t show it. On a different post, someone mentioned your Z-Wave Explorer. I installed the channel and then that driver but can’t figure out how to get it working within the ST app (perhaps that’s not where I need to go?). Any help would be appreciated.

Swap the Z-Wave Explorer driver for your existing Edge driver on any Z-Wave device you want to review, then back out of the device presentation. When you reopen the device presentation, the device information will appear.

Don’t forget to swap the driver back out when you’re done.

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Does swapping to this driver cause Routines to be deactivated or deleted because of missing capabilities?

For instance, if you’ve got a Routine for a motion sensor and swap to the explorer driver, no motion sensing capability causes the Routine to be invalid… ?

Just learned the hard way ---- YES!

SmartThings needs a way to keep everything in place and put in a placeholder!

Not ideal as routines got deleted in this process. Does CLI allow you to view firmware? Maybe I need to go that route

What are you planning to do with that knowledge? If you’re wanting to update firmware on a device then you’ll need a separate z-wave controller like one of the USB sticks. If you already have one of those, you can join it into your ST z-wave network and use it to query firmware version of each device.

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Agreed, not ideal. It’s a good practice to add a virtual device to any routine that might be potentially be affected before swapping drivers with varying capabilities around. The virtual device acts as a kind of placeholder, ensuring that only that device—and not the whole routine—will be affected.

It’s another reason I prefer Rules to routines.

Where can one find more about rules and how to integrate them?