[ST Edge] Driver for FIBARO Smart Implant (beta)

I’ve released an edge driver for the Fibaro Smart Implant FBGS-222. At the moment it supports the contact capability.

The driver treat the second input as a different device and not as a component :slight_smile:

Of course if you need only a single contact sensor, you can remove the second one (the one with “B” in the name)

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Should you encounter any problem, please show me the logs taken with the following command:
smartthings edge:drivers:logcat b8d5ea82-6cd6-49bb-9833-fcab65bb5c8a --hub-address=IP_HUB_SMARTTHINGS


Added support for motion sensor:


Does your driver support the outputs or the temperature funcrions?


The driver shows the temperature of the device but still does not support the outputs.

Great work mate,

Have you got any plans to add any remaining functionality?

@Recon yes but before I’d like to integrate the “basic version” of all my devices

Perfect! Thanks again

Hello Daniele, how do you install the 2 devices that fulfill the function of the inputs?
At the moment I can only see the temperature on the main device.
Should 3 devices have been installed in total?

(Please finish the driver to be able to handle outputs as soon as you have some time to give to the community :wink: :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!


Are you planning to add the ability to use external temp sensors if and when you have the time?


You have to open the settings and select the operating modes. The 2 sensors will appear then.

I have the plan to improve the driver in order to support other capabilities :slight_smile:

Hello Daniel, good afternoon, correct,

I can’t see the inputs from the parent device or create new child devices.

Once the inputs are configured, should new devices be created automatically? (As previously happened with the custom Groovy DTH)


Hello @matiasjg, can you please debug with logcat (see my first post) and show me the debugging result?

Hello @Daniele_Ratti
Yes, thanks!


Do you have the code available to the public? (to gossip)


Great, are you able to show me that output in the exact moment after you change the sensor type from “normally open” to “normally closed” or vice versa (in the settings)?

It is that the moment in which I create the device :slight_smile:

Of course, I will release the source code after my drivers will become more stable (eg. resolving eventual issues like yours).

Hello Daniele,

Coincidentally my capture is from this exact moment. I made 1 change to each of the inputs.

Otherwise I did not receive any type of log.

I’ve just published an update with more log verbosity. Please allow 12hrs to get the update and retry to do the same thing. Then send me the log :slight_smile:

I have the Fibaro Universal Sensor (FGBS-001) which looks like a very similar device to the Fibaro Implant. I use this in my alarm system to control lights in the house.

I am currently using the old Groovy custom device driver which I’m reading will soon be killed off.

I dont suppose this driver could be used for the FGBS-001? Seems a shame to bin perfectly good working kit!


@Daniele_Ratti, i’m in the same boat as @SplanK. This doesn’t seem to work for the UBS (FGBS-001). Any suggestions? TIA

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It doesn’t work because of the fingerprint. If you send me the fingerprint of the FGBS-001 I can try to add it and see if it works.
Unfortunately I don’t own one.
Can you link me the groovy driver you’re using?

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