Any Dry Contact Switch that works?

I was using a GoControl FS20Z-1, which worked great until the change. I would love to hear that it will work again… but it is 7 years old. Anyway, that one won’t work, what should I change to that will work with the new system? Was looking at Shelly Plus 1, but it doesn’t say it works. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you!

There’s a custom edge driver that’s working with the fibaro implant, also a mains power device, but an expensive device.

[ST Edge] Driver for FIBARO Smart Implant (beta)

Hopefully others will be able to say for sure about some of the other options.

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You would have to ask Shelly support about what is available through the official cloud to cloud integration.

There is a community-created edge Driver working with some of the Shelly devices. You could check in that thread to see if the dry contacts option is working with that.

Edge Shelly device support discussion

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The Shelly Plus 1 worked. Thank you!



Hi Mike @XCellMike ,

I’ve been searching the forum for potential replacements for my fibaro v1 door sensors. They’ve died and I used them for their dry contact inputs, which could trigger a smart things event.

Is this what the Shelly plus1 does please?

I noticed on the products site that it has dry contact OUTPUT, but nothing about inputs.

Thanks in advance

I was doing the reverse of what you are trying to do. The shelly does have a switching connection, but I’m not sure if it will work for your purposes…
Screen Shot 03-13-23 at 05.06 PM

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Ah ok, thanks.