Fibaro Smart Implant

I ordered a new set of sensors, but these came with the resistors separate. How should I wire the resistors and sensors into the FSI?

If you google “DS18B20 pull up resistor” you will find it. I think it’s across the Vcc and Data pin, but please confirm.

Well, before cutting apart my old wiring and throwing the sensors away, I decided to add a 4700 ohm resistor across the Voltage and Data lines. No difference - still no reading from either sensor. Then I decided to just clip off one of the sensors…viola! I have a temp reading on the remaining DS18B20 sensor!
(yes, I removed/added the FSI from ST between each atttempt)

FSI handles up to SIX sensors?! Not quite… But I guess I really only NEED 1 sensor to tell me if my hot tub is operating correctly. The second sensor was to tell me the ambient air temp in the garage. Oh well…

I put together a How-To guide (with pictures) for interfacing the Fibaro Smart Implant (FSI) with a DS18B20 and SmartThings. It took me a while to get it all working and with my fragile memory I like to document what works so I can refer to it later.

You can access it here: How-to guide on interfacing Fibaro Smart Implant with DS18B20 and SmartThings - Google Docs


Hello, I’m new to smartthings and the fibaro implant. I’ve uploaded your files wanting to use the contact, but do not have a fibaro hub. How can the fibaro implant be configured as contact using smartthing hub. Many thanks

If you have uploaded all the files into your SmartThings account you should now pair the device with the hub (use the “Scan nearby” function in the SmartThings app and press the pairing button on the implant 3 times).
After the device is paired go to it’s settings page by pressing the 3 dot menu in the app, then press “Select a device” and choose “Alarm 1” or “Alarm 2” or both, depending on which contact you want to use.
A new contact device should now be added to your dashboard (make sure to check the “No room assigned” section as well)

You can find more information about connecting your contact sensors to the implant in the manual.

Thank you for your reply and help. I have loaded only the Groovy files onto my account and set the ‘type’ for the device as ‘contact’ from one of your files. Is this correct.

I shall follow your guide and try again.


The type of the device should be “Fibaro Smart Implant”

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Thank you very much, it works perfectly.

I was a novice, now I’m a novice with an ‘implant’

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@ovidiu.pruteanu thanks for the DH. I followed your instructions & managed to convert my old home alarm into a smart system. I’m a noob to smartthings so still learning.

I use the implant output to arm/disarm, & I use both the inputs to monitor the alarm status (armed or disarmed) & if the alarm has been triggered by an intruder.

My questions are:

  1. Doth the inputs show as contact switches, is it possible to change the icon to an alarm?
  2. Also is it possible to change the status labels from open/closed to Armed/Disarmed?


I am using this DH and it works GREAT!

I tried to find an edge driver for the smart implant - I couldn’t find.

@ovidiu.pruteanu - do you have any plan to write an edge driver for the smart implant?

Thank you.

I will start working on the edge driver soon


Currently it is not possible. I will keep this in mind when I work on the new driver.

Thank you so much for this guide, it helped me out a lot! And of course many thanks to ovidiupruteanu for the device handler! Just added a FSI with a DS18B20 for my water heater and seems to work fine!

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I invested in quite a few smart implants and so am fairly nervous about the upcoming shutdown of groovy!

Do you think an driver conversion will be possible?

Thanks for the great support!!

Any news on a driver for Fibaro Smart Implant. I have tried to write one myself, but have a hard time making it work as expected. Much more complicated than a driver for a Thermostat I made.

I’ll start working on the driver this week.


@Daniele_Ratti has just released a beta version Edge Driver for this device, but it only supports the contact capability. Still, it’s a beginning. I expect you will still want your own version to handle more of the options that your DTH offered, but at least it looks like the foundation is possible. :thinking:

Amazing, thanks so much!

At the moment the implant lacks its functionality in ST. Hope you get a chance to release the driver. Thanx for your effort.

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