[ST Edge] Does the order of declaring components has any meaning?

I was assuming the list of components in device profile is ordered.
However, when I tried to change the order it seems it has no effect.

Specifically, for dual gang switch that has
2 child switches that control relays and the main component (which has switch and different measurement capabilities) that controls both switches,
I’m trying to put 2 child switches before the “main”, so all buttons would be together and then all voltage, power, temperature etc would be below.
However, the main component is still shown first.

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I’d like switches1 and 2 to be on top

Yeah, I’ve already experienced this issue.

To solve this problem, you have to make a presentation with smartthings cli explicitly, and then put that vid into the profile yaml file.

I hope auto-generated presentation will keep the order of the components in the profile.


Hi @iquix ,

Thank you very much for your answer.
Making custom device config helped with detail view.
However, the order of components in automation view was not affected by device config.