[ST Edge/Beta] Xiaomi/Aqara/Tuya zigbee sensors driver

Lots of the Aqara and Xiaomi zigbee sensors are sleepy end devices that get easily orphaned when connected through most zigbee repeaters. Only a few repeaters are known to work well with them (Ikea Tradfri devices, Gledopto led strip controllers, mains powered Aqara/Xiaomi devices, and zigbee repeaters built by a forum member).

I have a ton of Aqara and Xiaomi sensors I’ve been using with Smartthings since early 2018, but I’ve had to be careful not to add any non-compatible zigbee repeaters to my network. Most of my zigbee repeaters are Tradfri plugs or Gledopto led strip controllers. I’ve also had to perform a zigbee heal after any time I move or remove any zigbee repeater on my network (like the Tradfri plugs I use seasonally for things like Christmas tree lights).


is this device working now in smartthings? I would love to be able to buy it since its cheap.

Not sure , but good chance it will work with EF00 generic driver.
Please also ask here:

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I’ve seen several posts in this thread reflecting my own problem with the sensitivity of the Aqara vibration sensor. It clearly states at the top of the thread for this device that setting the sensitivity is not supported with this driver, however there has been no clarification that this is simply not implemented (yet?) or is impossible for a driver to accomplish within the smartthings hub infrastructure. Can anyone add clarity on whether this will (or can or can but probably won’t) be added to Yakov’s driver? Any other ideas outside of the driver to change this setting would also be appreciated. Thanks!

FYI, Unfortunately I haven’t seen Yakov post anything on these boards since last fall.

Thanks. That’s good to know (though unfortunate) in setting context for what to expect moving forward.

At this point it’s safe to assume he has abandoned these drivers… Life takes different turns but he should at least step in and say I’m done if this is the fact

Hi @ygerlovin can you include this fingerprint in your Zigbee Button Remote Driver [YG] 1.3.8


I know it’s not listed in the supported devices, but I was wondering about the Aquara Presence Detector FP2 device. Is it not supported just because it’s not supported, or because it’s changed significantly and actually can’t be supported by this driver ?

I just haven’t found anywhere that mentions it even though it’s been out for a while. Looking to find a sensor that will cover quite a large area that I work in and wanting something that will be reliable sensing presence. I was looking at the EP1 MMWave sensor but they don’t seem to be available so assuming this is the next best bet if there are drivers to suit.

Sorry if I’ve missed something about this already, but I’ve been searching for a while and haven’t found any info about it on here.

The source code is not open, and the developer has been inactive for many months. So it looks like you need to create a driver for FP2 from scratch.

Hi @Sylvain, checking back on the E1 Sensor, is it still not compatible?

Ahh OK thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

This is why I moved to an Aeotec Multipurpose sensor.

It always bothered me that the @ygerlovin drivers were closed source. The problem with closed source and a single developer is that you have a really high “bus factor” as measured by the number of people who would need to get hit by a bus before the thing being developed is also dead.

Hello guys!
Just to inform just installed Aqara Fp1 on ZigBee chanel 24, everything is working fine!

I another hand, I am worried abou the developer, looks like he went to vacation and never came back (at least to this forum). I hope everything is well for him.