Aqara RTCGQ15LM edge driver?

Hi. Anyone knows if there’s any edge driver that works with Aqara RTCGQ15LM? Got it connected to the smartthings hub as ‘Thing’ but it can’t do anything. Any help will be much appreciated.

I had it working pretty well for awhile but I just moved mine over to an aqara hub to use it differently.

I believe it was this driver:


managed to pair it as LUMI/lumi.sensor_motion.aq2 using the Zigbee Thing [YG] v1.0.2 driver but I can only access the signal strength from the routine tab. Do you recall if there are any additional steps for it to be use as a motion sensor in smartthings?

Sorry, I should have been more specific. On his driver link there’s a driver called Zigbee Sensors Edge Driver.

Install that one

Click on your device in the app

Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner

Click driver

Click select different driver

Choose the driver I mentioned above

Click use this driver

The good news is since you already have the device paired to an edge driver, you shouldn’t need to delete the device from your hub and re-add it to switch drivers!

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Looks like I submitted the above reply right as you were splitting off the other posts. Could you move this reply as well?

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Hmm I don’t see Zigbee Sensors Edge Driver in my selection, I can only see Drivers for ‘Zigbee Thing’ type of device. Though I have already installed Zigbee Sensors Edge Driver for my hub. Were you using RTCGQ11LM previously? It seems like the more commonly used one.

Wow I apologize. I must have gotten mixed up on which post I was replying to. I have the aqara high precision motion sensor so I can’t speak to any others. I’m sorry for the confusion.

No worries. Thanks for helping


I am experiencing the same issue, want to check if anyone manage to find a solution, thanks.