ST Disconnects iPad (Spotify) from Sonos

I’m new to all of this so please let me know if I should post more details or info where required.

This is what I have (italicized items are available but not used in the current logic):

  • ST Hub
  • Sonos Play 5
  • Echo
  • Harmony
  • iPad with Sonos and Spotify

This is what I’m trying to do:

When playing music from my iPad (or Echo) on the Sonos Play 5 I’ve setup an ST ‘Speaker Notify with Sound’ called “test message” that simply tells Sonos to play a message from ST “This is a test message”. I have Resume currently playing music after notification set to true (on).

This is what’s happening:

Music is playing, I click the “play” button from the ST app and it plays the message as expected. However it appears the iPad is disconnected from Sonos and music does not restart.

I’ve searched on these forums for similar issues/solutions but haven’t turned anything up. Asking the community for ideas or examples to follow. I’m a software guy to so custom Smart Apps are of interest but ideally I’d like to keep this simple through the integration.

It would be ideal for ST to ‘interrupt’ what Sonos is doing at the moment, but this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Thanks in advance for any ideas, advice and/or support.

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I can’t believe that you searched the forum and couldn’t find anything. That is one of the biggest complaints in here about Sonos is that it doesn’t resume music after an ST announcement. Just search for Sonos & you’re bound to have plenty of reading to keep you busy.

@RLDreams thanks for the advice. I did search for ‘Sonos’ and combinations of ‘Sonos’ + ‘Notifications’ + ‘Resume’, etc. (I ran a big tech community for years so I know as a newb to search first) and while it turned up 50 discussions, none seemed to discuss this issue in any detail and most were 1 to 2 years old.

If it’s a big complaint in here I’m not seeing it through search. Where am I failing here?

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how long is your music playing for when you test this? the Sonos integration only updates ST with status every few minutes, it might even be 5 I forget. But if you add an app such as “Big Talker” it updates ST with the Sonos status every minute.

I use resume music and it works well for me. Occasionally if I have back to back notifications come through, it will start music when none was playing before. This happens because when the first notification is playing, ST gets updated with a playing status. Then the second notification comes through and it “resumes” playing status from the first notification.

Here is Big Talker

@greg, thanks for the reply. After experimenting with BigTalker and LANnouncer a bit I was actually trying to remove custom SmartApps (and an Android) from my implementation. The idea that ST can send triggered TTS notifications to Sonos is appealing because it removes a loop. I got excited to see the ‘Resume currently playing music after notification’ checkbox in the ST app. After some further Googling it appears the ‘resume’ issue may be on the Sonos side not on the ST side based on this one thread I found in the Sonos community:

Bummer. Maybe this will be upgraded soon or replaced entirely with the upcoming Echo + Sonos integration (scant details on that one too).

I’ll keep at it but was hoping someone here had travelled this path (successfully) before.

More info/update - I can get BigTalker to send TTS notifications to Sonos as well but still have the resume play issue.

I got Sonos for the ease of connectivity and I love it’s native features, but the resume playback issue is the absolute worst. One of my biggest complaints right now.

It appears that Sonos does support resume track in it’s API. So, it’s likely an issue with whatever service that’s accessing the API in the first place (Spotify, iTunes, etc.) not fully implementing the API.

Following is the workflow for selecting and playing a podcast, which is a typical resumable track. Green highlights the tasks your service needs to implement. Included below are examples of returned results your service needs to provide to implement resumable tracks.