ST Cooking - Why are so few people using Smart Things Cooking?

I’m wondering why people are not using Smart Things Cooking plugin ? Do you guys just don’t know how it works ?

It doesn’t do anything beside recommend recipes. It looks like it is designed to get people to allow access to their personalized shopping list data.

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ahaha, thanks for insights. I’m not sure about the motives tho… I’m currently researching this topic

In my case it is because I really don’t care how it works. Given the option, the only time I would use the SmartThings mobile apps is if I wanted to manage functionality that is necessarily provided on a mobile device, which really means the built in presence sensing and mobile connected devices. Everything else I’d rather do via my own choice of API client tools, whether provided by SmartThings, the community or written myself. Instead I am being forced to use the mobile apps for some critical things.

I may, or may not, be interested in what SmartThings Cooking does, but I wouldn’t even think about using it unless it was completely separate from the SmartThings apps, and I don’t mean another mobile app either. Even then though, I would be much more likely to use a book or one of the many other recipe sites out there. I cannot think of a single thing that linking to SmartThings offers in this area and so the branding is just nonsense to me.


I use SmartThings To monitor and control my smart devices in my home. If I need a recipe, I will look in a cookbook.


Thanks for the input. They have made a separate app, they call it samsung food

Dominoes and the local curry house tel no is all i need :+1::pizza:


Yes, I saw that Whisk had recently been rebranded as Samsung Food. I find that a little strange as to me in the UK the Samsung brand just isn’t broad or strong enough for that. Also any app on a phone named ‘Samsung something’ risks being thought of as lesser quality bloatware - one of the apps you delete from your phone, not add to it.

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I am actively looking at alternatives to Whisk for this very reason. I wanted something separate. Now that they own it and I know how support will - or rather won’t - go, I’m out. :sunglasses:

In both the US and the UK customer satisfaction for owners of both galaxy phones and Samsung appliances tends to be high. Smartthings hub owners may have a different experience, but if people see it as an extension of the phone, the brand should be quite strong.

The numbers very a little from survey to survey because they ask slightly different questions. Satisfaction with a particular phone model may be different from general satisfaction with a brand overall or interest in buying a new model from the same Brand.

But in any case, Samsung remains very highly rated.


It is highly rated for TVs, monitors and phones here. It is well received for domestic appliances but it is trading on the brand recognition from the other areas and it is very much a secondary brand. In other consumer marketplaces the brand has little credibility in itself.

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Understood, but I expect most people would relate a cooking/food app to domestic appliances. :fried_egg:

I find most large domestic appliance manufacturers don’t even seem to know how their products get used in the real world.