Samsung Home Devices

Hi all.
I have just noticed that Smartthings has added some new devices including some from Samsung Home, so I was wondering what people thing and how well it works, ext.

I noticed those yesterday and was wondering if they had always been there…

No they totally are new and interesting.

Hi Guys, not sure if I am doing something wrong but my Sammsung M5 does not respond to play pause from smartthings anymore. I was able at least to stop and play music from smarttging but now (maybe after recent upgrade) it does not work. Also notify with sound was working before now is not.
Anybody has similar experience?


Very interesting, and great to see.

I have an oven which works with SmartHome, but it looks like just washing machines and vacuums at the moment.

What’s strange is that US it supports many more Samsung devices and even has a dashboard section dedicated for it

Check out our KB here:


Check out this thread

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Yep, looks like there are only a few devices at the moment, and my oven is nowhere to be seen yet. I’m assuming more is to come?

What model do you have?

We haven’t released support for ovens yet (just ranges). I don’t have a timeline.

Hi Tyler, thanks for asking. The model number is nv73j9770rs.

It’s part of the ‘chef collection’ and very much a current model. I’ve only had it a couple of months.

It’s UK/European.

Hi @Tyler
On the US side their is a feature which allows you to add another samsung section to the dashboard and they have a wider range of samsung devices that can be controlled. Do you have any idea of when these will be available to the UK.

The UK integration should be available very soon (perhaps today). Check back shortly!

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Cool! Does this mean that we will be getting increased dashboard functionality sort of like the old app was very soon.

Yes. Some of the work is paused right now due to the open Incident, but we are working on Dashboard solutions for Access, Climate and some other areas.

Sorry. What open incident were you talking about @Tyler

So does this mean that the new updates will be released this week of the 11th @Tyler

Any plans to support appliances in Canada? I have a range (NE58K9560WS/AC) and smartthings doesn’t find it … US version of the same range is supported - what’s the difference with supporting Canadian one?