SmartThings app showing hub as "Disconnected"

Starting today, my SmarthThings hub (connected via Ethernet) is showing as disconnected in the SmartThings app but still receiving events and performing actions and the SmartThings API site is showing my hub as Active.

Anyone have the same issue or know how I can resolve this?


Which app are you using? Have you tried signing out of the app and logging back in?

I was just going to edit my post but since you asked, it’s showing disconnected in the SmartThings app but Active in the Classic app.

Same issue here… new app show hub disconnected, but everything works. This happened a few weeks ago … but then after a few days, it just started showing up as connected…

Yah, it’s now showing connected. It’s done this to me twice today though.

It was an issue over the weekend. If you’re still facing it report to to ST support.