ST button as garage door oppener

Currently I have a My Q 's garaged door opener which is connected to my ST hub. This is working well and I have no complaints. However, I have ST button as the garaged door opener which sits in my car. Often times the button doeesn’t seem to open the garaged. I don’t believe the ST hub receive the press event. Does anyone have an idea why the button doesn’t work? I’m wondering if it takes time to reconnect to the ST network after using the car or could it be that button is sitting in the car and the car gets too warm in the sun for the button to activate. Sometimes, the car gets toasty, but button is hidden from the sun. After a fee you minutes, the button comes back to life and the garaged door opens.

The reason why I want to use a ST button is so that I can restrict the garaged door to only open if the door from my garaged to the house is locked. Maybe I’m overly paranoid, but I don’t want someone to be able to break into my car and then have full access to my house. My car has been broken into multiple times. It’s the price you pay for living in the city.

Another solution would be to put the garaged door on a smart plug. If the door to the house isn’t lock, then turn off the ST plug.

thats what i do, it kills the power when im away or in bed

yes; that’s what i may do. its probably the safety solution.

Much quicker and quieter for a thief to simply do this to get into your garage…