Why did my garage door open automatically when my hub came back online

So im a little concerned about an event that happened today after my ST hub went offline and then opened my garage door 30 minutes later when it came back on but I wasn’t home at that point. I don’t have any routines or pistons that enable my garage to open automatically. It is a security concern for me. I do have a piston that closes garage door if left open for 5 minutes and no motion in garage. when we left at 12:30 we drove off and closed the garage via my cars visor link like I normally do. Now my question/concern is why did my garage door open at 1:06 when the hub came back online. My core piston never seemed to close the garage due to the fact we had a nasty wind storm today and I believe the motion kept triggering preventing the 5 minute timer. I’ve never had such a problem and I’ve been running this setup for almost a year. Any ideas on how this happened or any suggestions on a alternative piston to check my garage door periodically.

The activity feed seems to show something called “open the garage door” ran (first line in picture). Is this an automation you have to open the garage (perhaps when lights are turned on)?

I have two ST routines, open garage door/close garage door but I only use them for manual use on my phone with favorites. I don’t have them tied to any automations. I have an “im home” routine that activates my home lights and disarms SHM triggered by garage door so when I open it with my car or garage clicker or my wife’s car it welcomes me home. The activity you see on the pic was not initiated by me. it did so on it’s own once the hub came back online. So what you see is usually normal but only when i physicly press the clicker.

Others have reported phantom events like that before.

It sucks, but literally any device connected to ST could possibly turn on or off by itself because of some cloud gremlin.

It may not happen often, or to everyone, but it does happen.


I have a piston running that if all presence sensors are away it sends a push notification and attempts to close the door. This would resolve if the door opens.


This is yet another example of why I will not buy any “smart” locks or “smart” garage door openers.


Which is why I have my home alarms 100% separate from any HA. I like the convenience of HA, but if a gremlin leaves my garage door open, and you manage to get my house door open, you will have an unpleasant greeting from my alarm and quite likely the local law enforcement. :grin:


Agree - I monitor the garage door, but do not automate (at least via ST). I’ve seen to may phantom events with lights and other items to ever trust it for any door.

But I’ll add, on my old opener I had one occasion where it opened on it’s own - it was before ST even entered the market , so crap does happen.

I totally agree about the push notification, but no about the trying to close the door. I think putting a camera in the garage to see if the doors are clear before closing remotely is safer.


The garage is tuned appropriately to go back up at any bind and has the safety eye to ensure there is nothing in the way. A camera isn’t a bad idea to confirm nothing is there though.

yours is not the first time the garage door opened “for no reason”. My opinion is that it’s due to ghost commands or extreme latency (perhaps old redundant commands from smartthings cloud, from when you opened the garage on the evening before the hub reboot).

One workaround is to put the garage door power on a “smart switch”. And it’s normally off, driven by a separate “smart app” . Then 2 separate devices would have to receive ghost commands, in order to incorrectly open the door. It’s not a guarantee but I believe it reduces the chance of unwanted operation.


Thanks for all the input. I agree on a lot of it. I don’t rely on ST for my security and also I keep a seperate camera system for monitory my outside property. I do believe this was a cloud gremlin if it has in fact happened before to others. I have also seen problems with latency. I don’t think of ST as perfect but it does provide a lot of convenience for me. I live in an ok neighborhood so the garage being open when I got home wasn’t to big of a deal but it really is kind of a big deal though. I guess I’m willing to keep the same set up but I need to add a couple more security checks just to make sure it doesn’t happen again. or at least have my ST monitoring system do more monitoring lol. im thinking of the blink camera for inside my garage and one inside our new baby nursery. Any suggestions on good indoor wireless cameras?

If you just want a great little indoor camera to pull up in its own application on your phone, take a look at WyzeCam. For $20 you can’t go wrong. No monthly/annual fees. It doesn’t integrate with ST or anything else at this time, but it does work very well for such a low cost. I have 2 of them and they’ve been very reliable.

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Random Garage door opens happen to me but as of late, rarely.
I have no automatons for operating, just monitoring.
About a week ago there was a random opening. This is the first time in nearly two years this has happened
Back in 2014 this was happening a few times a week. At that time there were others experiencing the same problems but SmartThings support could never determine what the cause was/is because there was / is never anything in the logs to indicate the switch activated.

One other tid bit of information. Back when it was happening a lot I removed the device from the hub but left it hooked up. Results of that test? The door still randomly opened suggesting the switch was activating on it’s own. This also could be why the SmartThings log never show anything activating the switch. Figuring I had a defective switch it was replaced with a new one. Results? Still had random openings.

Fortunately with the door sensor you can set it to notify you if it happens

Devices involved: SmartThings Gen 1 hub & LFM-20

I know this is a fairly old thread but wanted to report something that happened in the new ST app this morning. I decided to test out the new ST panel on my galaxy. So I added a few devices, including my garage door opener switch (using a Rboy virtual opener). The garage was already opened and as I was living I was trying to trigger the switch in the panel, but nothing would happen. The switch would not move to the off position.

So two things here…

I realize that maybe the panel is not ready for devices like this, since it really shouldn’t be a switch and maybe that’s why nothing happened. I proceeded to close my door how I normally do, with the ST classic “close”.

The other issue (and I hope it was extreme latency and not an intruder on my hub) is that the garage door then opened 45 min later!! I looked at my logs but they tell me nothing around the source of the command, at least as far as I can tell.

Anyone else have any experience with the ST panel and a virtual garage door device?