Using status of garage door for modes/actions?

(Rob W.) #1

I feel kinda stupid here, but I cannot figure out how to set up an action based on the status of my garage door. Say I want to turn on the lights when I come home and turn down the A/C; the garage door both opens and closes when I leave the house or come home… so how do I tell ST whether I’m coming or going??

(Chris) #2

I’d have said that was what the presence sensors are for really. I don’t see how a garage door sensor could possibly know if you were arriving or leaving.


Use the SmartThing Smart Sense Presence sensor for that. Leave it in your car glove or attach it to your keys and you are good to go.

(Rob W.) #4

I really appreciate the feedback/suggestions, but have you READ the reviews on both versions of the presence sensor?? There’s no way I want my garage door randomly opening and closing, or my doors unlocking because the battery is dead or the unit gets flaky as everyone is reporting.

(Chris) #5

From the logs of mine, I haven’t had this problem. Also, using your phone as a presence sensor seems more reliable.

(Rob W.) #6

Your phone and IFTTT??

(Chris) #7

No, you can add your phone as a presence sensor to ST

(Rob W.) #8

Thx! So I got my iPhone set up as a ST presence sensor (similar to what I did with IFTTT before using geo-fencing). But when I want it to open my garage door when I come home, I can’t set up that action because it does not give My Zwave Garage Door as an option. Is there a way to make it recognize it as a garage door?