ST App Troubles with locks

I have a Smart Hub v3 which controls just one Schlage Connect lock. I rarely need to go into the ST App, and it always seems different. I have ST v1.7.73.22 which claims to be the latest. I have 2 issues:

  1. The history shows only the time and locked/unlocked but not by which code, which it used to do.
  2. I can’t find anywhere to add/delete/manage access codes, i.e. the codes that people use to unlock the door. There used to be a ‘guest access’ section but that seems to be gone.

Am I missing something? I can’t believe that the ability to manage codes was deliberately removed, since this app is nearly useless to me without it. Any suggestions for resolving those 2 issues would be greatly appreciated.

Multiple people reporting problems with lock control features gone missing:

Thanks for the info. I believe the ‘Life’ section was where I used to manage codes. I’ll report it via the app as suggested.

It may be time to consider the open source Home Assistant platform. I moved from Wink to ST when Wink imposed subscription fees. I just need to manage one lock with history, preferably without depending on 3rd party apps. Maybe an RFID lock would be best for this situation.

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