Smart lock guest access stopped working and now i cant delete user codes issued to guests

I am in the UK and guest user access was working fine earlier today and now disappeared from my smart things app. I have tried installation again and it says it installed but no longer in the list in the “life” section. I can add it to my favourites but nothing happens when i click it. Also checked the notifications and it still seems to be working in the background as doors are unlocked and the time is displayed in smart lock guest access. How can i delete the codes i issued to my guests when the app wont allow me to? i have paid for 3 licences of lock user management ( for 3 different properties) and can see them in my smart things app. Im afraid to use it until i can delete the codes from the other app. I don’t want conflicts.


@Mindripper I am having the same problem with smart lock guest access. Just getting spinning circle on widget tile and no access to history or codes. Please tag me if you find a solution. I am in U.S.A.

Anyone with this problem should report it to smartthings support, which you can access through the app. The more people who report it, the more resources they will assign to fix it.

Choose “menu“ at the bottom of the main screen, then on the next screen tap on the gear in the upper right and scroll through the choices. One of them will be “help.“

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OMG. Yes. This is now dead. It is killing me for short-term rental as I am not at the house. I have tried on multiple devices.


Ok i will report this to support, if you go to notifications i have noticed you can still click on smart lock guest access and it pops up like its working fine, you can delete the codes One of my locks is missing from the drop down list but others seem to work.

It might be ‘help’ for some users. In the UK on the Android app there is only ‘Contact Us’ and that launches Samsung Members. None of the available options takes you to SmartThings UK Support (, who are usually pretty good. Instead you get Samsung support, in which case you may never get a reply ever.

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Ok, for the UK try the following page. But I have no idea how responsive they are.

to note, on the internet the guest access was never supported outside the US.

No customer support in the UK and no way to report it.

Guest access has worked fine for 6 months in the UK no issues.

yes, I am just saying that it seems like it was not intended to work outside the US.

I have had a hub welcome code inside an hour but usually it is more like a day or two. They are generally pretty good.

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on my favorites screen the smart lock guest access tile is blank with a spinning blue circle like it is trying to load lock state or something. tapping the tile does nothing. in the past it would take me to the smart guest access page to access codes, history, etc. but nothing now. I am on the phone with a pretty good samsung support tech right now and will update if we find something out.


It does not work for me but FWIW here is the reply I received from support (since I can’t see the tile I can’t delete / re-add it):

Thank you for contacting Samsung SmartThings Support.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused with regards to Smart Lock Guest Access. We have reviewed your account and see that there is an existing Smart Lock Guest Access Smart app added on Jan 12th 2021.

So we would suggest you to remove and re-add the Smart Lock Guest Access Smart app and follow the below instructions to add the lock codes.

To remove the Smart Lock Guest Access Smart app:

  1. In your SmartThings app click on Life at the bottom of your screen
  2. Tap on more (3 dots on the top right corner of your screen)
  3. Tap on Delete
  4. Tap on Smart Lock Guest Access

To add the Smart Lock Guest Access Smart app:

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Plus (+) icon and select Services
  2. Select Smart Lock Guest Access
  3. Touch Continue
  4. Touch Allow confirming

Please follow the below steps for creating the guest codes:

  1. Click on the Smart Lock Guest Access card
  2. Touch the dropdown arrow(Down Arrow) beside Locks
  3. Select Lock codes
  5. Enter the guest’s name
  6. If you have more than one lock, assign the code to a lock
  7. Enter the code
  8. Touch CREATE CODE
  9. Touch SHARE to share the code with your guest

After creating a guest code, you can delete the code or change the name of the guest at any time in the SmartThings app.

NOTE: For security purposes, lock codes cannot be altered after they have been created. To edit a lock code, delete the existing guest code and create a new one

If you are having any difficulty in adding the Smart Lock Guest Access, then please get back to us with the below details so that we can assist you accordingly:

  1. Screenshots of the error if any
  2. The country from where you are using the app
  3. SmartThings app version
  4. Mobile model and OS version

Hope this helps. For any further queries feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you. We are grateful for your lifestyle with SmartThings.

Happy Living!

Thanks & Regards,

When I try the steps noted above when I click on Allow I get a circle of blue dots which spins, then disappears but nothing is working

Same issue here in USA uninstalled app and tried to add but it’s not there still.

Yes, mine stopped working today too. The icon completely disappeared from the “life” section of the app. When I went in to add it again, it wasn’t there. It looks like it has been removed, not sure if it was on purpose or by accident. I really hope they bring it back soon. I use this for my short term rental as well and need this functionality.

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Hoping they can get this resolved. I submitted a help request this evening.

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Hi all, just wanted to let everyone know this is on our radar and we are looking into it. Based on what we are seeing so far, SLGA is still on your accounts the mobile app just isn’t displaying it as expected, so don’t worry about trying to reinstall it right now.


Perhaps an update to is due when an important app like this is out of order?

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