ST app not responding

Some odd behavior here. All my devices show offline in the app. Granted this has been a real flaky app for me- I’ve already abandoned ST for security because of it…I’d open the app and it would be flashing an alarm at me but never sent push notification or email as setup! I digress…

Everything shows fine when I log in online.

All devices show fine on my wife’s phone (she has her own log in, I “invited” her account to grant her access).

I have logged out and back. I have deleted app and reinstalled. I’m at a loss. Thoughts?

Here’s my app:

Here’s my wife’s:

do you have iOS 13.3 by any chance?

This is possibly the reason. I have the same issue and from what I have been told this is what the problem is.

Yes iOS 13.3. Ridiculous that it doesn’t work on it. Any idea as to a resolution date??

I’m seeing the same problem. The resolution is to not run beta software.

Sorry no not yet, I would imagine the dev team will be working hard to resolve it, but since 13.3 is still in beta we can’t expect miracles just yet.

I would hope by the time 13.3 is ready for public release the ST app will be updated to work with it properly (I hope)

I’ve been in the beta program for YEARS with 6 different devices. I’ve never had it break a program like this. I reported in through feedback.

It looks like 13.3 has some impact on forcing https addresses. Device plugins are called via the web i think, so seems like this is breaking them.

Makes sense. I hope one side or the other resolves soon. I’m already sick of having to grab my wife’s phone :stuck_out_tongue:

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could be worse. I just left the country with the wife still at home :grimacing:

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I can see it having to be a ST fix rather than an apple one

Is there web access available that I can use in the meantime? I

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