“ST Anything” for V3 Hub?

i’m not too familiar with ST Anything, but people have been able to get some custom handlers working with the new app. I think we’ll know more after SDC in November.

Once Samsung/SmartThings publishes some developer documentation for the new platform, I’ll take a look at tweaking the ST_Anything Device Handlers to work with the new app. For now, everyone should keep using the Classic App for ST_Anything.


Thanks for the great project! I am working on an IR remote for light controls using the Arduino to pass light control levels on to the SmartThings hub which has the dimmers on it. Learning how to write the device handlers is an interesting challenge.

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Please elaborate. I am not able to connect my new V3 hub to Smarththings Classic. This will be used for Konnected home security which I believe only works on Classic. Please don’t use abbreviations (what is STSC?) as I am new to this Smartthings stuff!

Why not? Use the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) (aka STSC) App on your phone to claim/register your v3 hub. Afterwards, using the same Samsung Account, log into the SmartThings Classic App on your phone. Voila!

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I have both classic and samsung connect installed. STSC found my v3 hub no problem and it works properly.

Classis still says “No Hub in your location” “Connect a Hub Now”. When I try to connect a hub in Classic, it asks fro the code.

In the Classic App, try to change your LOCATION to the one being used by your v3 hub.

I don’t have a v3 hub and I don’t use the new App… so I am just guessing at this point based on what I’ve read in other threads.

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Haha, that did it! I didn’t set the location. Thank you!

Now I need to figure out this Konnected alarm…

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Pretty please ST_anything -> Samsung Connect App

Samsung still has not published any documentation on Hub connected devices for the new platform. The Classic App works fine still. What’s the rush?

@ogiewon have you looked at the new SmartThings Device Kit at all? It’s direct to the cloud and seems to be a way to connect anything to SmartThings.

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No, I haven’t looked at it as I feel the cloud is not the correct direction to take home automation. I have moved over to Hubitat and am loving fast, reliable, private, local processing. ST_Anything runs great on Hubitat using the same design as on ST. I don’t see a compelling reason to redesign things at the moment.


From my side I would love to have the new app controlling St_Anything devices since it can also control my TV and gives me notifications for other Samsung appliances.
No rush though, I will wait until documentation is out.

I’m new to this smart things and came across your st_anything platform and I’m really interested in it! I’m an electrician with some line/ladder logic as-well as some other things. I have been messing with Adriano and want to set up some I/Os for a system I want to build. Is there anything you can send me? How to get started

Welcome to SmartThings. The best way to get started is by following the ST_Anything ReadMe in my GitHub repo.


i actually found that last and started reading it! great info! I have an uno but i was wondering what you recommended that is Ethernet based and more memory.

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If you want to use hard-wired Cat5, I would recommend an Arduino MEGA 2560 with a W5500 Ethernet Shield (or a W5100 of you can’t find a W5500.) The MEGA has 8KB of ram, as opposed to the UNO’s 2KB of ram. This makes a huge difference. At this point, IMHO, the UNO is not very useful when connecting it to a network due to its memory constraints.

For WiFi, get an ESP8266 based board, or an ESP32.

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ok! thank you! im excited to get this going! thanks for the guidance


It doesn’t matter how the hub connects to your network. Either WiFi or Cat5 both result in the device being on your Local Area Network. The Arduino with a W5500 shield (Cat5), or a NodeMCU ESP8266 (WiFi), can still talk to any model ST Hub regardless of how it is connected to your network.

Lol! After thinking about it i realized I already knew my own answer. i wasn’t thinking. i just communicates through the LAN.