Ring Camera Debacle (Some newer models don’t work with SmartThings)

I recently purchased new Ring Stick Up cams (for exterior) from Amazon. Once connected, realized were not compatible with ST. So back in the box they went and I received Ring Wired Spotlight Cams. Got them running in Ring app and tried to connect to ST. Electrician was getting antsy so I told him to go ahead and install them after hours on phone with Ring and low-level ST techs. The day after installation and cutting the cord off both cameras, a high-level ST tech called and said my Ring Wired Spotlight Cams were not ST supported because they were v2. Interesting because website doesn’t say anything about v2.

Come to find out from Ring, the v2 has been out for 2 years. Needless to say not happy with ST and the online misrepresentation. I also have doubts they will ever be supported now since it has been 2 years and Samsung is coming out with their new cameras. Buyer beware!

Now for a solution…I have about 50+ zwave devices, whole house ST and Alexa/echo in every room. I mostly use Classic app but have done some custom smartapps. What I want is to get motion alerts from outdoor cameras in Away mode (do not want them while home) Ring does not have geofencing which is why I wanted ST compatibility. How can I achieve this? I do not use stringify or IFTTT but I can learn it. I am super frustrated and wish I was not talking to the tech that knew nothing when they suggested I buy this model. Thx much

So that’s why my spotlight camera wouldn’t show up on the ring connect smartapp… thank you for posting this. I’m also very interested in how to achieve what you’re trying to do

This is really incorrect, the site you linked specifies what model numbers are supported which you didn’t ensure you bought. Ring happens to call multiple different models by the same name. This is not smartthings fault, as they did specify both.

In your case since you are using unsupported hardware, IFTTT can let smartthings know when motion happens, you might need to add core/webcore to tie it all together.

Just got the new Ring Stick Up Camera and integrated it via Homebridge. My homebridge is also connected to SmartThings (same with my Ring Alarm.) I can’t see the Ring video in the smartthings app (the ring app is better for viewing video anyway! but e.g., I can turn on lights if the camera detects motion. Delay is only about 1 sec.

If you don’t know Homebridge, I recommend you search this forum. There are a couple of threads that included how to set it up.

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Sorry but no retailer posts the model number on this camera. On the link I posted ST does not mention a V1 or V2 and Ring says they never reference that anymore. I disagree they are not culpable.

Will do and thanks but adding Homebridge and a Ring alarm hub would significantly increase costs when I really don’t have any other uses for it. What else does Homebridge do for you?

You don’t need the ring alarm hub. The camera integrates directly.

Other than ring I only oder Homebridge so I can control my smartthings devices with Siri on iOS devices. (It’s also a good backup for the iPhone as a presence sensor)

Total cost of the Homebridge hardware is between $30-50. If you have usb charger and don’t want an fancy box or have a spare memory card it’s cheaper.

Has anyone been able to get SmartThings to work with the v2 Ring Stick-Up cam? I was able to link my SmartThings account to Ring (Connect) but still it’s not showing any compatible cameras.

I have not tried the stick up cam but the spotlight cam wired is still not showing up. In the interim I have the cam connected to a wifi plug and am able to somewhat automate with a simple “on” and “off” then once on the ring app gives me motion alerts, etc.