ST and hue switch

Hi everyone.
I hope you can help. I have a number of smart devices and am really tempted to buy a ST especially with the Black Friday deals.

My question is I would like to control some smart sockets with a hue light switch, is this possible? If not hue any suggestions?

Thank you


Unfortunately, not possible. (Well, there are some committee members who have tried connecting the Hue switches directly to the smartthings hub, but they don’t tend to stay connected, and for lighting that can be very frustrating.)

There are several other similar devices which will work well, though. Take a look at the buttons FAQ. Devices are marked by region and there are several for the UK. Some of the devices are wall mount, some are handheld, some are battery operated, and some are wired to power, so read each description carefully.

And if you would like to talk to some of the people who are trying to get the Hue switch to work with SmartThings, see the following. Just know that while it is working for a few people, most report that it will work for a few days and then disconnect. :disappointed_relieved:

is it connected to a Hue bridge? this might do what you want, it piggy backs on a detected Hue Bridge in ST

Hue accessoires


Yes I have a hue bridge. Does this mean I can program the switch to control a smart plug via st?
My understanding of the link is that it may take a while for the change of state to register in st but should still respond when pressed?

Thanks for your help.

So without integrating it into ST itself, you could do something like this.

  • You have a Hue Bulb that is integrated into SmartThings
  • Set up your Hue Switch to tun on a dedicated bulb
  • You create a Routine or use webCoRE
  • The above turns on a bulb
  • When that Bulb turns “On”, you have an additional routine or WC that turns off the SmartPlug and then the corresponding bulb that you initially triggered off of.

This is an indirect way of accomplishing what you want to do with your Smart Plug.

depending on your setup, it will take from a few seconds to a max of a minute. Just select elevated polling for the mode that you expect to use the switch the most. It act as a either a switch and a button device so you can automate based on these, that includes the power outlet (switch on/off).
Be sure to read a little in the thread, i made a lot of mods to try and make it more useful.

Thank you everyone. I think this is a good workaround.

I take it that this way will not give me the functionality of

1 click hue light on
2 clicks hue light off and plug on?


Try this,
React to button 10 for light on, react to button 11 for off light and for on outlet.

The app will poll faster when it detects the first press, but it will be a bit weird as it needs this first detect first, make sure you have elevated polling on for the mode, this will make it smoother but it will not be perfect😏