Light switch UK

(Neil Mc Rae) #1

Hey Y’all

I’m looking to see if anyone has found any small light switches that work with smartthings that don’t require any hub etc.

I currently use Hue bulbs with hue switch. I want to control a desk lamp but want a very small light switch or pressure button I could use to trigger this.

Anyone got any ideas!?

Also I love the power side of things, however the plugs on the market are a bit bulky. Any solution yet for replacing the plug socket with a zwave or zigbee alt? Formuns suggest not and only lightwave RF have a product.


(Robin) #2

There’s a few options but somewhat limited in regards to complete smart switch setups.

I use (and love) the Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules. They sit behind your regular switches and don’t require a neutral.

(Robin) #3

Behind switch:

Or behind light fitting: