ST and Google Home: Hue lights show up twice in GH

Sorry about this dumb question but it’s been awhile since I have been able to play with my home automation because life keeps getting in the way.

I think it was early last week I got a notice to upgrade GH I needed to unlink then relink ST and Hue and others to properly upgrade.

I did this without an issue.

Now when I tell GH to turn off my bathroom lights for example it says it’s turning off 4 lights, But there are only 2. It’s prob pulling from Hue and ST.

Is there a way to tell ST what GH can see like I can for the Echo?

Thanks for looking at this dumb question!

In the Google home app. You should be able to see all the devices under which hub/bridge on manage accounts. I don’t link my Phillips bridge due to this reason.

Same here, I just disconnected my Hue bridge from Google Home because of this.

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