Google home thinks i have twice as many lights as i do

first of i have a smart things hub and a vue hub… when i ask google to turn on my lights it says it is turning on twice as many lights as i have. so instead of 4 lights it says turning on 8 lights. im wondering if it is becuase i have multiple apps.

probably. If you have your Hue connected to GH and SmartThings, you should exclude those devices from the SmartThings skill for GH.

via the Smartthings Mobile App, under Automation> Smart Apps> Google

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Same thing here. I have to exclude all my HUE lights from the SmartThings/Google smartapp.

Rule of thumb to prevent duplication. Only allow GH and Alexa to discover devices from SmartThings that GH or Alexa won’t discover outside of SmartThings (Hue, Nest, Wemo, etc).

I’d much rather have Google Home interact directly with my HUE bridge than through SmartThings. One less hop and the HUE bridge is far more reliable. As I’m speaking, a couple of my ZigBee and z-wave switches have fallen off the network. Great…