ST and Git Hub integration outside the US

Hello ST community.

I currently have a ST hub at my place, here in South America, and I have been using the system with a lot of devices (even an Alexa and an Echo Dot) and so far, no problem at all.
Now, I wanted to give a try to CoRE and so that, integrate my Smartthings with Git Hub IDE. In the process, I read this message:

  1. GitHub IDE integration is not supported outside the US.
  2. GitHub IDE integration may negatively impact the performance of the IDE.

I wanted to know why my location would be a problem for this integration, I have been told a couple of times that my ST system wouldn’t work outside US but it did, should I go for it and try this integration? I am afraid (because of the second message) that something goes wrong.

Thank you all

I have already answered this when you raised earlier today.

Yeah, I just read, I had an internet lag, sorry.

Appreciate the help. Thanks