Square vents in ceilings

I saw you have no interest in doing these at all but let me tell you over 75% of ALL households in the us WEST us celing units as well as ceiling heating and air units. You are just throwing away a HUGE market. ALL my vents in my home are celing vents and if a competitor comes along and I’ve seen one already, I would buy one for every vent in my home same day. Too bad.

The square kind where there is one per room. Amazon has a product that is just as good for 8 bucks since econet won’t make a square version.

ST doesn’t sell vents. I know there are other manufactures who sell the rectangle vents, I am sure that if you contacted them they would be more than glad to build out vents that work for you.

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@ebstats, I know that Keen home is looking into making smart ceiling vents as they just posted
a survey about it.

Refer to this thread and contact Keen Home for more detail:

And, FYI, there is a special promotion going on at Keen Home:


+1 for square everywhere.

I have half and half of square and rectangle vents. Wish they did come out with the square vents both big and small.