ECONET EV100 vents

Hey guys I am super new to the whole Smartthings world but I have been reading a ton and need some suggestions from more experienced users. The three bedrooms in my house tend to get more AC and Heat than the front half of the house so I was wanting to put some of these vents in the bedrooms and maybe use temp sensors in the bedrooms and a Z Wave thermostat where everything could kind of work to balance the system. I need suggestions on how to set this up as far as what kind of sensors will monitor room temps and what thermostats would be best for this application.

I am also interested in a Z Wave 6 zone sprinkler system for my yard if you guys are familiar with good brands.

You may want to look at the Keen vents. they look better and yo can get them at Lowes. @Mike_Maxwell is writing the ultimate control app for them.

This is a topic that seems to be getting ready to BUST OUT!


I, myself, am partial to the Flair, but I’m waiting for things to shake out a little more before investing an average of $100 per room.

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You may want to look at the Keen vents. [/quote]
^^^ this ^^^
All 3 of my EV100s failed within 2 weeks of the commencement of heating season. They were fine during the summer, but just can’t stand up to the heat. The vanes are plastic, and at first I thought they had warped. But no…it was the actuator that opens and closes the vanes that failed. With the actuator removed, the vanes opened and closed smoothly by hand. I switched to Keen and never looked back.

This is the feedback I was looking for. I could only find the EV100s so now I have other brands to look at. I dont mind spending a little like 100- 200 per room to get it balanced as long as I can get some kind of support and some life out of it. I also apologize if this has been beat to death I am new to this style of forums and haven’t worked out searches very well yet.

As am I and the people here are more than accommodating to us beginners :slightly_smiling:

@xjonx I am thinking real hard on the Flair to now after reading all the information you posted. Ill stick a 24 volt power supply in the garage and wire all the vents in advance so when they come out Ill be ready. My holdout will be a little more breaearch about if one puck can control multiple vents in a room and what the apps are going to do. Thank you so much for the information.

One issue I see with the Flair system is that people awareness is done by bluetooth. So that means, I have to carry my phone from room to room to be aware? It should have had a motion sensor built-in (unless I missed something in the specs).

This is the best smart sprinkler controller that I know of right now.

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@rey_rios I couldn’t agree more but I really am not sure I would benefit alot from knowing who is in what room anyways. So my understanding is you dont have to use the blue tooth you can set it to maintain equal temperature in all the rooms. I like the way Ecovent does it but at 200 a room I am seeing the competition come in nearb half thta. So I need to justify in my mind the price difference.

i would stay away from EcoVent

Had installed 9 vents and 6 sensors in my home after multiple install issues. 2 vents and 1 sensor failed within a week

You can’t integrate with any HA platform at the moment

returning mine…

Why can’t anybody make a smart vent for baseboard vents? Only my basement vents are flat ones like these, everything on the main floor aside from the kitchen are like this:

Are flat floor vents just that common? I’ve never been in a house with many of them before…

its about all they use now when they build houses. Older homes usually have the ones like you pictured but the newer homes have the Cheap crap styles.

Interesting, I didn’t know that it was integration unfriendly.