Smart vents at Lowe's

Just in case anyone is wondering about these vents… I would say they work with ST.


And here is the thread that talks about them…

Super! Thanks for showing me that. I didn’t do a search since I was standing in the store. But, this is the first I’ve actually seen them in the store, and not just a little placard.

Just sharing info. Plus, it’s good to actually see our platform listed on the box.

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But at $80 per vent? That’s a $1000 investment! I’m addicted; not rich!


Still debating on their usefulness. Cannot decide if it will go the Hue tap way or the hue bulb. One is a useless novelty, the other is just a novelty.

Yeah, I’m trying to figure out the usefullness as well. I already have two zones in the house, an upstairs and downstairs. But they run off of the same a/c and furnace. If they had different units for the different zones it might be useful.

But, I’m seeing the a/c or furnace running a whole lot more. Depending on which room it was trying to control. Right now it acclimates the entire zone, but each room at a time… they would run constantly.

Basically I see these as a very convenient way to balance the system to ensure each room is the right temp. But, I can’t see the return on investment at all.

Especially since I already balanced each room in each zone for summer and winter.

But, they would still be awesome to have… if someone would buy them for me.

What I’m really interested in are the open/close sensor that is built into the door hinge. I’m going to get those for the exterior doors of the house.

I just finished wiring EVERY switch (lights and fans) in the house to GE and Dragon Tech zwave switches. I have Nest Cameras and thermostats and sensors on every door. Then I got voice control working with Siri and Homebridge. My wife told me last night If I spend any more $$$ on automation, she’ll automated my **** out the door. I still have to intercept the UPS guy bringing the Aeontec doorbell. So… Yea, I’m done for a while. But your post makes me think…


Tell me about it, add Arlo cams for outside, a few locks and use a couple of Echos for voice control and you have my set up. The thing is that I put a zoning panel to spilt the floors and had more problems balancing the airflow than before. My wife is not happy now cause we have to roast in our bedroom to keep decent temperatures in kids rooms. So was thinking that vents will be cheaper than adding another zone or some kind of electronic dampers.

Have you talked to hvac company that does balancing? If you’re having trouble with it, you might want to try one of them. I’ve had trouble before as well and had to do that just to get it right.

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Maybe you need to send themnhere in VA, because I am working with 3 different companies and I know more about thermostats and zoning panels than they do. Don’t get me started. I wouldn’t have a problem adjusting the upstairs dampers manually but they are not easy to reach…

Oh… Sorry… I’ve dealt with them in Hampton roads… And yes they are morons.

The guys in Florida are pretty good, at least with a/c. I never asked them many hearing questions.

I’m here in Bama now and when they built my house last year I had to show them how to use their equipment…

Good luck.

Though, I’m thinking about putting an iris sensor in every room of the house so I can tweak it even more.